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Re: Wentz and Philly game

September 15, 2020 12:46PM
I thought after the first 3 series Wentz threw poorly and made many bad decisions.
A lot of those sacks were at 3.5 seconds .....and he held the ball way too long.
That will change---just like with Goff.....I suspect we will see a more in control
Wentz this Sunday---though I get the feeling he doesn't want that because of his big arm.
He threw one 64 air yardrs he is accurate long...his mid range not so much.

In 2017 He was way above Goff, but now I think Goff is a better NFL QB.
Well, just one game....but Goff looked like he knew what he was doing while
Wentz is still playing superstar....he needs some help on the O line, of course.

Lane Johnson sounded like he would play.

Goff and Wentz rely on a good OL as do most QB's. Philly's line is not good right now and let's hope that continues for another week! I would move AD all over the place on Sunday and attack the weakest link.


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  Wentz and Philly game

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