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Re: Rams should be around 15

August 01, 2020 10:32AM
They have the coaching and skill positions, putting them middle of the pack feels right to me. If the OL is good they will be a playoff team.

  Rams slotted just inside top 25 of pre-camp rankings...

Rams43104August 01, 2020 06:03AM

  Re: Rams should be around 15

merlin26August 01, 2020 10:32AM

  Re: thats sounds right merlin

Speed_Kills28August 01, 2020 12:38PM

  Re: yeah it's frustrating

merlin28August 01, 2020 03:12PM

  Re: yeah it's frustrating

BerendsenRam23August 01, 2020 04:29PM

  9-7 team that has been gutted

ferragamo7922August 01, 2020 05:20PM