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Re: The Athletic article on Goff

July 31, 2020 12:34PM
Talks about his time with 3dqb. Positive piece about how they train, how he is eager usually one of the first to contact them for each season. They focus on all parts of it, including collecting all the negative press and going over that also, gOff has the right temperament for it How they focus on certain things. Discuss how this year they are anticipating the pocket not being clean ( lack of practice due to pandemic) so they are working on his mechanics when the play breaks down. Acknowledge he has tremendous arm talent, working on throwing well in multiple stages of pocket duress, back foot, front foot without being able to put full weight into it, throwing from multiple platforms etc. He has his contact and $$ now but must work just as hard to justify etc. They are preparing him to think quickly and actively when the pressure comes still do the correct thing. They have multiple coaches that work on different parts. This is paraphrasing if allowed

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  The Athletic article on Goff

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