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Looks like a giant hockey puck in the desert to me

July 31, 2020 12:17PM
So what's unique, different....anything..... about the Allegiant stadium? Don't get me wrong, I'm quite sure it is very nice and will serve the community well. But it's basically same ol', same ol' in look..... at least on the outside. Just another round stadium. But Yikes. A black stadium.... in the middle of a 120 degree desert? Nice tie in with the Raiders, though.

But for innovation, style, and the "wow" factor, SoFi stadium has it hands down. It's unlike anything in the NFL or maybe unlike anything anywhere. To compare Allegiant with SoFi is like comparing Magic Mountain at its best to Disney World at its best. No contest.

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Ohiorams301July 29, 2020 11:16PM

  That is just crazy cool..

sstrams66July 30, 2020 07:18AM

  Allegiant Stadium

MamaRAMa88July 31, 2020 04:45AM

  Re: about Allegiant Stadium

Speed_Kills47July 31, 2020 07:49AM

  Re: Allegiant Stadium

Crazylegs40July 31, 2020 08:18AM

  Looks like a giant Hockey Puck... but that's just me.... nm

RAMbler18July 31, 2020 08:44AM

  Re: Allegiant Stadium.....the Raider Roomba

Rampage2K-33July 31, 2020 08:55AM

  I can't wait to see a game there...

LMU9321July 31, 2020 11:43AM

  Looks like a giant hockey puck in the desert to me

RockRam29July 31, 2020 12:17PM

  Re: Looks like a giant hockey puck in the desert to me

MamaRAMa34July 31, 2020 12:33PM


Ramgator26July 31, 2020 04:37PM