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For Pete's sake Speed

March 25, 2020 08:09AM
You brought a tear to my eye. That's the same style of hat my dad bought me back in the 80's. It was my first piece of Ram gear and my dad found a way to get it from LA to our house in NW Indiana (not a lot of Rams gear around here lol). It's a good memory I have about my dad going above and beyond for me.

  This is my favorite Rams hat

Speed_Kills519March 25, 2020 06:47AM

  Re: This is my favorite Rams hat

MamaRAMa103March 25, 2020 06:51AM

  Re: exactly and it’s what I’ve always done

Speed_Kills80March 25, 2020 06:54AM

  Everyone has an opinion....

RAMbler62March 25, 2020 07:24AM

  Re: and that's my point

Speed_Kills50March 25, 2020 07:33AM

  Re: Everyone has an opinion....

Ramsdude43March 25, 2020 07:34AM

  Re: This is my favorite Rams hat

RAMpant Defense67March 25, 2020 06:57AM

  For Pete's sake Speed

Ram Fan Teacher78March 25, 2020 08:09AM

  Re: For Pete's sake Speed

oldschoolramfan35March 25, 2020 08:16AM

  Was it courderoy?

RAMpant Defense38March 25, 2020 08:19AM

  Re: Was it courderoy?

Ram Fan Teacher33March 25, 2020 08:29AM

  Re: Was it courderoy?

RAMpant Defense30March 25, 2020 08:32AM

  Re: some things never go out of style

Speed_Kills42March 25, 2020 10:47AM

  Re: some things never go out of style

Ram Fan Teacher35March 25, 2020 11:15AM

  Re: This is my favorite Rams hat Attachments

ramithard69March 26, 2020 02:34AM

  That's it

Ram Fan Teacher28March 26, 2020 04:46AM

  I had that too

LMU9335March 26, 2020 02:46AM