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Re: Blinkscout Combine O Line coverage.

March 25, 2020 02:41PM
I never really thought Boom was an OG.

Have to agree there. Groomed as Whit's main backup.
I still feel like we need a vicious LG.

Allen has great punch and feet, but is he strong enough?
That may be the real question for Allen.

That they signed Blythe suggests that they have a spot for him. Is it at Center or do they go back, to RG with him, and let the rest fight it out for RG?
Edwards didn't fail at RG; Nor was Evans a slouch at RT.

I know many on the board want someone early. Agree with Alyo, and I don't see us doing that.

Tyler Biadasz
Amazing tape. Any chance he makes the 3rd?
not from what I've seen. recently, it appears he's popular just before us in the second

Ben Bredeson Michigan
Deadpool certainly shined some sunshine on this kid.
If I were to guess, it would this kind of pick that we could look to with the comp 3rd rounder.

Lloyd Cushenberry LSU
Thought he played very well this year, and I think he might have "woke up" to his role.
Problem with taking him early, is that I'm not sure he is all "woke."

Nick Harris
Hasn't gotten fond remarks in some time.

Matt Hennessy
He's my type of center and I believe he's off the board in the first frame or low 30s.
You might be right about him coming off the board early in the draft, but most of the "pro draft boards" I've spotted his name later; A lot later. If he's there in the 3rd is he an easy selection?

Austin Jackson USC
Tested better than his tape.
He could fall quite a ways, but he's got a frame, and been playing a while Goes to show there's depth in this draft..

Matt Peart
Great field work, lower body a little brittle.
Didn't I hear that the Rams chatted him up at the Combine??

Jon Runyan
I think he's a left guard. I'd take him in the 6th in a half second.
Have to love the pedigree.

I think Alyo's right about lowering the OL down the draft board
Signed Blythe, and Whitworth
Got valuable snaps from Edwards, and Evans, and return Havs, too.
Get back Boom, and Allen.

That's a lot of bodies in the locker room, and if you're getting a starter at Guard or Center, it sounds like they'd cut Allen.

Merlin wrote in this thread about weighing OL, and in the second tier do they outshine skill players that will be on the board
Merlin's thread here:


For me, the three picks to open the draft I'm a lot higher on getting firepower to take the place of Gurley, and making sure that McVay's receiver sets have enough backup. Cooks health is a larger concern all the time.

  Blinkscout Combine O Line coverage.

alyoshamucci533March 22, 2020 03:04PM

  Great work. Beautiful stuff

Ram_Ruler134March 22, 2020 03:16PM

  Re: Alyo......

oldschoolramfan114March 23, 2020 07:15AM

  Re: Alyo......

droopy105March 23, 2020 09:36AM

  droopy that's kind of what Im thinking ...

alyoshamucci120March 23, 2020 10:00AM

  Re: Blinkscout Combine O Line coverage.

merlin103March 23, 2020 09:32AM

  Re: Blinkscout Combine O Line coverage.

Ramboni77March 23, 2020 09:59AM

  Super post, too bad it got buried. Some additional thoughts

Deadpool140March 24, 2020 07:52AM

  How do you think Bartch would do inside?

fullcurl55March 31, 2020 09:51AM

  Re: Blinkscout Combine O Line coverage.

leafnose72March 25, 2020 02:41PM