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Re: whatever 81

January 12, 2020 05:03PM
as usual you are off on your own little planet

I am responding to the OP you coming in talking about Watson having it... is nothing more than a distraction

The OP equated Watson to being a run first QB and he obviously and clearly is not. He also posted similar comments about Jackson yesterday and he’s clearly drawing a comparison between the two. Jackson is not yet a great passer. There is no comparison although Jackson is only in year two and obviously has tremendous upside and potential.

What you are inserting is something altogether different.

The Texans allowed 51 points their coach is known for choking yet the op goes after Watson

It’s absurd

Empathy - the ability to understand and or share the feelings of another
Compassion - sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others
Kindness - the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate
Thoughtful - showing consideration for the needs of other people, or showing careful consideration or attention

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  One by one they disappear

stlrams13616January 12, 2020 01:01PM

  Re: One by one they disappear

zn186January 12, 2020 02:19PM

  Re: One by one they disappear

max139January 12, 2020 02:47PM

  Re: One by one they disappear

zn129January 12, 2020 03:20PM

  Re: One by one they disappear

max100January 12, 2020 03:28PM

  It was obvious during the game...

L.A.Rams206January 12, 2020 02:48PM


sacram156January 12, 2020 03:46PM

  Watson = Stud

stlramz111January 12, 2020 04:47PM

  I made my take on Watson a long time ago

Rams_81119January 12, 2020 04:51PM

  this post is dumb

Speed_Kills138January 12, 2020 04:57PM

  That has nothing to do with anything

Rams_81137January 12, 2020 04:59PM

  Re: whatever 81

Speed_Kills119January 12, 2020 05:03PM

  I am still pissed because he cause me a football poll

Rams_8190January 12, 2020 05:05PM

  Time for a change

max134January 12, 2020 05:37PM

  Re: lol smh lol nm

Speed_Kills83January 12, 2020 05:39PM

  Re: lol smh lol nm

Old Goat78January 13, 2020 03:00PM