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I vaguely recall the 1978 game (my first season as a Rams fan). Of course Super Bowl XIV is etched into memory. I was 9 and just thrilled they'd made it. My best friend's family was from eastern Ohio and die-hard Steelers fans. I remember going outside at halftime to play for a few minutes up 13-10 saying "they're going to do it!"

The 1981 game was part of that ugly unraveling of the team that year and the last gasps of the Steelers dynasty. Then Ferragamo got hurt in the 1984 game and never played for the Rams again.

I was taken to the 1993 game at Anaheim for a 22nd birthday present and Drayton and Bettis scored their TDs right in front of us. That was a really fun day...

2003 was Marc Bulger's homecoming to Pittsburgh and Arlen Harris ground out 34 carries and 3 TDs on the ground. I'm sure Donald is fired up for his first game at home in Pittsburgh too...

In 2011 the Rams had guys starting like Billy Bajema, Tony Wragge, Bryan Mattison, Brady Poppinga, Chris Chamberlain, Roderick Hood and Josh Gordy....

2015 was our first glimpse of rookie RB Todd Gurley...

  Rams-Steelers history, memories

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  the SI Super Bowl cover

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  Richie Brooks with the Papa Smurf Hat

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  1978 SNF Pittsburgh 7 at LA 10

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  Re MNF yeah i remember that nm

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  December 1948

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  Did that first Bettis TD.... Attachments

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  Re: December 1948

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  sure did....

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  1975 game

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  Re: 1975 game

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  Re: 1975 game

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  Superbowl 14

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  Re: Superbowl 14

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  Re: Superbowl 14

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