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Re: 1975 game

November 05, 2019 12:39PM
I have fond memories of the 10-3 victory over the Steelers in the final game of the 1975 regular season. The Steelers were the defending champs, and they went on to repeat. Video footage of the entire second half of that game exists.

Ron Jaworski was the quarterback and I never forgave Chuck Knox for going with an rusty injured James Harris in the NFC Championship Game against the Cowboys at home (finally a home game) over Jaws. Granted Jaworski did not fair much better when called upon, but the die had been cast. After emotional victories over the Steelers and in the Division Round against the St. Louis Cardinals where the Rams won 35-23, Knox in his infant wisdom went with James Harris saying "You don't lose your job to injury." He should have stuck with the hot hand and is one of the reasons, Knox never got his teams to a Super Bowl as he sent this nine year old to bed in tears losing 37-7 to Dallas...Last time I can remember crying in fact.

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