August 07, 2016 09:07AM
Awesome day yesterday to say the least.... Just like the Rams did, I also used it as a dry run for what to expect when the games start for real next week.

Unfortunately my buddy had to leave by 4 so I never got to see the actual scrimmage, just some one on ones and a little 7 on 7 before having to leave...wasn't too bummed knowing I'll be back there next week for a real game!!! Great seeing some old friends and finally being able to see what my seats look like in real life.

After having a few cold ones in the lot we headed in about 2:30 and went a picked out some seats close to field corner endzone just below my season seats....picked a good spot because that's where the QB's came over to work out... It was great!!!

Amazing how many showed up for a scrimmage....I estimated over 20,000, but heard it was actually closer to 30,000!!!

Clear to see the NFL made the right choice on who to bring back to So Cal.

Quick observations from the little I saw.

For a hundred year old stadium, it looked beautiful.bow smiley

Field looked amazing!!! Looked fake how good it looked.clap smiley

Goff threw a beautiful corner route that dropped in perfectly to Marquez for a TD in the one on ones.smileys with beer

The refs were throwing the flag for everything on the DB's ... I'd hate to be a defensive back in this day and age.Help Smiley

We have some pretty good looking DB's...not worried about that position at all.thumbs up smiley

The WR group looks big and athletic and very crowded.stooges smiley

Higbee looks like the real deal.yes

The PA announcer was annoying.Coach Smiley

$16 for a can of Coronaeye popping smiley

Can't believe my Rams are back!!!worthy smiley

Will post some pics soon.

Can't wait til next Saturday!!!!!

My old friend Les aka Lsjrams1962

View from my seats....what a beautiful view it is


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