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Re: Training Camp (Family Day) Report 8/6/16

August 07, 2016 05:51AM
I was there also , and have a couple of things to add ,,

There was some semi chippi-ness on a few plays on 11 on 11 and during REdzone drill. In redzone it appeared Kendricks and Donald got a little extra in and appeared Fisher said bit more to the D in the respective huddling after the play. In 11 on 11 it happened between Greg Robinson and couple of other players one being possibly Olgetree late or Olgetree may have been " inspiring/acknowledging Robinson after a tough block on a DL with a friendly push and a soft helmet slap after the next play.

If could read it I'd say Tree was basically saying come get it.

Rams DL were definitely in some pass rush lanes to get a sack and didn't follow through a sack..
So some of those completions in a real game wouldn't have happened .

Speaking on what else wouldn't have counted ,, eh sorry guys that two minute drive with no time outs was stopped twice for no apparent reason ,,
Also a play or two before the TD throw to Duke Williams in that drill ,,There was the tipped ball and the diving INT that looked fine to me ,,so yeah a very questionable positive out come on that section of the practice.

Hemingway was dressed but no pads and had some passes throw to him by a aide through sections of the practice , Stoneburner's play and presence may not be good news for his security on the 53 man roster.

Couple more random notes ,,,

Goff is very accurate and has good timing on the out plays and laying out passes in back of the endzone on the different crossing routes or in routes besides just the out routes.

He impressed me with a side step under duress, and a off balance reactive whip-like side arm throw that was nicely accurate and had some mustard on it.

That play stood out as him having some good natural reflexes and a ability to re -manipulate a passing lane almost instantly in a given situation.

That is a nice trait for QB to have ,, and will go a long ways towards getting a bad play turned into a positive smiling smiley.


DB #41 --- whoever this kid is he did well he was close in coverage and seemed break up a few plays at CB, Conversely I never saw positive plays or any close coverage contested pass defence by Mo Alexander , or Cody Davis , McDonald was close on a couple of plays but it didn't seem to be much of any involvement in the practice by Ram safeties.

Some of that may have been a absence of any seam or deep post patterns ,, all the longer throws were single up sideline streaks or fades.

Duke Williams -- Funny if I didn't know better I'd think he was a vet receiver ,, he really looked like he has the respect of the DB's like they know he's a tough cover and don't want to over-press on him ... he's a physical type body up receiver ,,,, possibly could involve him not only making the team but being used in red zone packages.

I have an idea that Williams and Spruce for that matter could wind up having more of a impact as role players on the offence that Cooper or Mike Thomas.

They have some obvious talent and Snead was fortunate to add these guys to our arsenal.
Stay straight Duke smiling smiley.

  Training Camp (Family Day) Report 8/6/16

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