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Training Camp (Family Day) Report 8/6/16

August 06, 2016 08:26PM
My first time watching the Rams inside the Coliseum since the 70's. Great crowd- my guess would be somewhere between 20-30 thousand fans. The great history aside over the 90 yrs since the Coliseum was first built, seat space is pretty tight. People were smaller back then I guess. The temp was around 80 with a nice breeze. The fans were very excited to see the Rams. Goff got a huge cheer when he trotted on the field. The biggest cheer went to Gurley, who acknowledged the crowd's cheers with a hand wave. Fans were wearing a mix of old Ram's gear and new gear. So the question is, how did the Rams look today? If you have followed my other Camp reports, you know that I was not impressed with how our Offense looked. Sorry all, but no camera today. I just wanted to enjoy watching with my wife and friends. This report will not be in great detail. Here is my impression of what I saw. First, everyone was in full pads today. Still, no full on tackling by the D. There were Refs today, who did throw flags during practice. Let's start with our


Keenum and Goff got most of the reps today. Keenum more than Goff. The playbook was opened up today. First play of 11 v 11 was a back shoulder throw to Britt from Keenum for about 20 yds. That kind of set the tone for practice that it was not going to be run left, run right,and run up the middle. Both Qbs had many good throws today. Keenum was consistent. He had one bad throw where Johnson jumped the route for an int. As for Goff, he did not force anything, but made some very good throws to the young receivers. Once he does not have to think so much and just gets to sit back and throw, he has a great arm and accuracy. He demonstrated that in the two minute drill at the end of practice. He had a deep pass up the right sideline to Michael Thomas for a 40 yd gain. He finished the drive with a post route to Duke Williams for a TD. During that drill, he scrambled for a gain and threw some check downs to keep the drive alive.
Criticism= Both qbs tend to lock on to their target or only look to one side of the field. Goff seems to like to look to his Left side. They also need to add some other audibles. Every time they say "Kill" "Kill"---it is a running play every time.


There is some great competition this year for our wrs. Tavon and Britt had some good catches for gains. They are both a lock. That leaves 4 spots. Today, Duke Williams looked especially good. Michael Thomas had some good gains. Marquez was so so today. Spruce once again ran great routes and made catches for gains. Quick had a couple of good catches. I think he will make the team ( I know there are many that want him cut). That would leave 3 spots for Williams, Thomas, Marquez, and Spruce. Good competition between those four.


Tyler Higbee-- remember that name. He is big, fast, and has great hands. He will be what we all hoped Jared Cook was suppose to be. Both Keenum and Goff love to throw to this guy. I believe he only missed one ball thrown to him just off his finger tips. Kendricks will be sitting on passing plays with only one TE on the field.


From Left to Right Robinson, Wichmann, Barnes, Brown, Saffold

This unit played pretty well today. They opened up some early holes. One especially on the Left side. I have seen that hole a few times on the Left side. I hope we get to see a lot of that during the season. My concern for Robinson is on speed rushes. bull rush he controls pretty well. He struggles if he does not get both hands on his man. They are improving as a unit since day one.


We know that Gurley is gold. Cunningham will be a solid backup. Brown and Green will fight for that 3rd RB.


First, I acknowledge that the D was at a disadvantage. They were not allowed to hit or tackle. The whistle would blow if the D looked like they could tackle them. Sometimes, the D would touch the O player, but no whistle would blow.


Solid- gave up a some early runs, but tightened up as the practice went on. Donald was awesome as always. I can't wait to get Quinn going 100 %.


Ayers, Ogletree and Barron.

My only concern with this unit- whether all three or when in nickel, no one seems to cover the back out of the backfield on pass plays. Too many dump offs for 5-10 yd gains. Possibly to blame on the coverage, but that needs to be fixed.


This group looks to be playing pretty tight coverage. A lot of flags in one on ones, but stayed pretty tight in 11 on 11. The question is will Williams allow these guys to play tight in games?
Looks like Johnson and Sensabaugh at corners, and McDonald and Alexander at Safety.


Zeurlien kicked a couple over 60 yds today. Seems to be a great practice player. If he could only do that in a game.

If I get a chance to go to a practice this week, I will bring my camera to share some pics.

  Training Camp (Family Day) Report 8/6/16

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