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I look at it two ways

April 01, 2024 03:43PM
"Real" self confidence doesn't need to advertise itself

while I agree with you on "projection", It applies both ways. People who always go after football players for being
soft because the game in not like the 1950s to 1970s or whatever. These old men yelling at the cloud that they
think NFL or Rams tackling soft, players are not tough, the rules are weak, blah, blah, blah, "I wanna see tough hitting, line up at 2-technique and kicks some butt" stuff that that.

Like you say, on the other hand, pPeople with real confidence don't advertise ... I get it and there is truth to it but also note that soft people say others are soft.

Then there are some guys who are simply happy, confident people. I don't know this kid from Adam. Don't know what he's about
so if he becomes a Rams I will not hold this against him. Rams have had plenty of guys like that over the years, some of them
were good and others not.

So, I take your point, but I will not go too far with it, given the fact that a lot of non-rough people sure talk tough.

I find it a bit humorous.

  NFL Draft’s top DT models game after Aaron Donald, says he can be better than AD

BerendsenRam351April 01, 2024 12:02PM

  Don't they drug test guys in the draft?

JimYoungblood53102April 01, 2024 12:31PM

  lol nm

Speed_Kills24April 02, 2024 11:29AM

  Yeah, kid does not lack for confidence…

Rams43107April 01, 2024 01:30PM

  I thought the opposite

waterfield107April 01, 2024 01:58PM

  Re: I thought the opposite

Rams4375April 01, 2024 02:15PM

  I look at it two ways

JimYoungblood5369April 01, 2024 03:43PM

  Yep he dont lack confidence is right lol!

BerendsenRam34April 02, 2024 07:04AM

  Re: Yeah, kid does not lack for confidence…

Classicalwit18April 02, 2024 02:08PM

  Well that's awesome, now we know.

alyoshamucci90April 01, 2024 03:24PM

  Re: Well that's awesome, now we know.

David Deacon59April 02, 2024 04:08AM

  It is more good than bad

JimYoungblood5339April 02, 2024 05:18AM

  Wow. This guy is already a legend in his own mind.

RockRam45April 02, 2024 11:26AM

  great we need some swagger

Speed_Kills35April 02, 2024 11:35AM

  If he was already a Ram no one would care Attachments

JimYoungblood5340April 02, 2024 11:51AM


Speed_Kills29April 02, 2024 12:33PM