April 01, 2024 06:43PM
So just out of the 3rd round at 100, but with my rankings he is would be just fine at 99.

Here's what I said on my big board:

113. Brandon Dorlus - DE - Oregon - 6'-3" 283 lbs. - Explosive with good hands and is adept at attacking gaps, run defense is a work in progress. 34 or 43 DE, maybe a 3T?

He usually bull rushes, but has a good swim move and a decent cross chop. Otherwise he is just using that pop off the snap to attack gaps, which works in a 2 gap system. If he is straight up on a man, his length or lack of is an issue for him IMO. And that shows up in run defense.

All in all I like him. End of day 2 is his sweet spot.

If you have a chance, take a look at Dallas Turner's running mate Chris Braswell. Really came on this year after being stuck behind Turner and Anderson. Former 5 star and had a great season and has an elite RAS score with a 8.74 only 0.05 behind Turner. He also blocked a punt and a FG this year. To go along with 8 sacks, 3 FFs, 1 INT and 1 PD.

I'd love to hear your opinion.

Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way. - Ragnar Lothbrok

  Brandon Dorlus is the DT who stands out the most for me

JimYoungblood53521April 01, 2024 03:08AM

  Re: Brandon Dorlus is the DT who stands out the most for me

joram116April 01, 2024 08:51AM

  Hopefully we draft him.

CROMWELL21126April 01, 2024 09:22AM

  Biggis Dorkus?

JimYoungblood53108April 01, 2024 03:44PM

  I have him at 113 on my final big board

Deadpool161April 01, 2024 06:43PM

  I watched him a little recently, then just now Attachments

JimYoungblood53158April 01, 2024 08:06PM

  Appreciate the response

Deadpool103April 02, 2024 05:13PM

  Me, too.

JimYoungblood5357April 03, 2024 08:23AM