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Brandon Dorlus is the DT who stands out the most for me

April 01, 2024 03:08AM
not that he's the best, but he's the quickest, IMO of a;; the 3-technique types
and getting him in the 2nd would be better than Newton or Murphy in the 1st

I am sure he has flaws, I am only going by small amounts highlights ... not going
to invest watching full games for these guys

but all I can saw is he flashes more than the others - he has long arms for his height
and his body is twitchier than the others ... of course talking incremental.

We can never get Donald again but if we draft right and want a DT-type
maybe we can get a Geno Atkins or Ed Oliver (again, the question scheme fits) ---

This also includes Hall and Wingo who I looked at. Hall is too skinny but he does make plays. Wingo
looks like all the other college 3-techs that are okay or average ... just didn't stand out.

of course, the problem is these guys cannot play the DE position, takes more power, gap and a half stuff
so if we did get ANY of these i would wonder who would fit into Jonah Williams' spot

Kobie would have to probably do it ... maybe Desjuan --- and one of these smaller 3-T types could be
Donald's "replacement"

I think we'd be better off getting Fiske to replace Williams or someone else that is taller, long arms
and can gap-1/2

  Brandon Dorlus is the DT who stands out the most for me

JimYoungblood53483April 01, 2024 03:08AM

  Re: Brandon Dorlus is the DT who stands out the most for me

joram98April 01, 2024 08:51AM

  Hopefully we draft him.

CROMWELL21106April 01, 2024 09:22AM

  Biggis Dorkus?

JimYoungblood5387April 01, 2024 03:44PM

  I have him at 113 on my final big board

Deadpool140April 01, 2024 06:43PM

  I watched him a little recently, then just now Attachments

JimYoungblood53135April 01, 2024 08:06PM

  Appreciate the response

Deadpool80April 02, 2024 05:13PM

  Me, too.

JimYoungblood5347April 03, 2024 08:23AM