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LA Rams rumors: Interviews continue with this rising ACC coaching star…

February 12, 2024 06:17AM
LA Rams rumors: Interviews continue with this ACC rising coaching star


Bret Stuter

It is Super Bowl Sunday, and that means that after today's games, the 2023 NFL season will no longer include on-field football. As such, it's time to clear the backlog of rumors, updates, and relevant offseason news about the LA Rams, and pivot to the 2024 NFL season. In that regard, we laid out the five steps that are necessary for the team to regroup for a new season. Step one is to recruit and hire vacated coaching positions.

We have just covered the LA Rams special teams, and how the 2023 performance for the group has nowhere to go but up in 2024. We also pointed out weeks ago that the team was unlikely to part ways with ST Coordinator Chase Blackburn, and that very much seems to be the patch taken by the team so far. So far, I have given you nothing to get excited over. Ah, but I have some good news for you, and it starts over the latest Rams rumors regarding interviewing an exciting candidate for their Assistant Special Teams Coach. Per CBS Sports and 247 Sports national college sports writer Mark Zenitz, the team is scheduled to interview Georgia Tech ST Coach Ricky Brumfield for their vacated role.

And he truly checks all the boxes:

When push comes to shove, the difference between winning and losing an NFL Championship Game can come down to one blocked kick, one long field goal, or one mishandled punt. The Rams need help in every category.

I don't think that I am overstating the perception that many Rams fans believe that the team's special team performance was far below the level needed to support a true NFL Championship run. A bit of shaking up the team in that category could be just the thing for the team this offseason. Thankfully, Georgia Tech's ST Coach Ricky Brumfield specializes in getting optimal performances from special teams.

Coach Brumfield knows kickers, and he was able to recruit rookie kicker Aiden Birr to Georgia Tech for 2023. Birr was 37 of 38 for extra points and 17 of 19 on field goals, which is outstanding for a college freshman. And Georgia Tech blocked three punts in 2023, a feat that should get even the most cynical Rams fans to sit up and take notice.

Brumfield's groups have a pattern of excelling wherever he has been, and it was that quality that attracted Georgia Tech to hire him in 2023. Should the LA Rams hire him, he would join Chase Blackburn with the urgent need to turn the Rams special teams around quickly. Curiously, that could happen rather quickly if Brumfield is hired, as many of the current weaknesses for the team are in areas that Brumfield has had amazing success.

  LA Rams rumors: Interviews continue with this rising ACC coaching star…

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