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Re: Doubtful..

March 18, 2023 09:56AM
And his name will be
Boo Boo Shatwell

  Is Caleb Williams in the Rams future?

BerendsenRam243March 18, 2023 08:51AM


sstrams111March 18, 2023 09:21AM

  Re: Doubtful..

Ramkind80March 18, 2023 09:56AM

  You guys aer hilarious!

Ramsdude85March 18, 2023 10:08AM

  If 2023 Season is Really Bad

den-the-coach69March 18, 2023 10:41AM

  We're gonna SUCK something fierce, but we'll win..

sstrams50March 18, 2023 11:14AM

  Re: We're gonna SUCK something fierce, but we'll win..

Ramstien44March 18, 2023 11:16AM

  Any relation to Honey Boo Boo??????

Ramgator23March 19, 2023 07:41AM

  There is virtually zero chance that Rams can get Caleb Williams…

Rams4350March 19, 2023 07:51AM

  This is probably a 5 win team now

Hazlet Hacksaw30March 19, 2023 09:28AM