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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Offensive line is still garbage NM

Ram138016309/12/2016 05:37PM

  Good job defense now let's get Gurley going

Speed_Kills17309/12/2016 05:32PM

  i think he gets the ball here

Hazlet Hacksaw11309/12/2016 05:34PM

  did you see them stack the box on that play?

Guard11409/12/2016 05:36PM

  Gurley turns 0 into 2 yards anway .nm

ArizonaRamFan13709/12/2016 05:35PM

  Fair catch???? nm

ArizonaRamFan17409/12/2016 05:32PM

  looks like he had room?

Hazlet Hacksaw11809/12/2016 05:33PM

  Head scratcher, wasn't it?

JamesJM13209/12/2016 05:33PM

  also literal

ArizonaRamFan10109/12/2016 05:34PM

  Re: Crazy...I bet Fisher is over managing that

Speed_Kills11809/12/2016 05:34PM

  Worse NFL Sunday Countdown Crew Ever!

Ram Fan Teacher16909/12/2016 05:33PM

  Rush lane integrity Rams??...NM

laram18009/12/2016 05:31PM

  Brilliant observation, sir! nm

Saguaro10709/12/2016 05:32PM

  A little pass happy don't try to be too cute nm

Speed_Kills15509/12/2016 05:26PM

  Re: Ok some things to like

Speed_Kills12109/12/2016 05:28PM

  It told me they thought the 9ers thought they wanted to run, so they passed.

Saguaro10109/12/2016 05:30PM

  Re: they were fooled until they weren't nm

Speed_Kills11909/12/2016 05:31PM

  yeah one touch for gurley

Hazlet Hacksaw12009/12/2016 05:28PM

  I digged the fake to Gurley though

ArizonaRamFan11309/12/2016 05:29PM

  lane discipline? nm

Saguaro14909/12/2016 05:31PM


laram9509/12/2016 05:31PM

  Where's the hold on #89 on that 3rd and long..? NM

Ram138015909/12/2016 05:31PM

  horrible play to austin, not impressed .nm

ArizonaRamFan17809/12/2016 05:25PM

  Re: WOW, nothing downfield...NM

laram11009/12/2016 05:27PM

  3 passes in the flat? I know Keenum has "no arm" but...

ArizonaRamFan11109/12/2016 05:28PM

  Re: he threw to Gurley downfield but over his head nm

Speed_Kills11609/12/2016 05:29PM

  Ram offense picking up where they left off in SF last season. nm

Saguaro10809/12/2016 05:28PM

  Re: WOW, nothing downfield...NM

Ram138010609/12/2016 05:29PM

  Niners were on that like they knew the play..

JamesJM10909/12/2016 05:27PM

  would have been dropped for a loss if he caught it nm

21Dog13609/12/2016 05:28PM

  crap punt!

Hazlet Hacksaw17409/12/2016 05:27PM

  We called it James...

Guard21409/12/2016 05:23PM

  LOL... we're geniuses. (nm)

JamesJM11009/12/2016 05:24PM

  Kaepernick blah blah blah

ArizonaRamFan18809/12/2016 05:20PM

  I'm Getting ANTSY!

Florida_Ram26309/12/2016 04:38PM


Arkansas Ram11909/12/2016 05:13PM

  Anybody catch Les Snead during the game?

BigGame8143309/01/2016 06:33PM

  Ok. Had to do about Bradford

BigGame8125209/03/2016 05:38AM

  Has to be the worst PS performance by #1 pick QB in many years...

max76409/01/2016 04:54PM

  Re: I'm sorry but I am so sick of this crap

Speed_Kills35309/01/2016 04:59PM

  Re: I'm sorry but I am so sick of this crap

max27809/01/2016 05:01PM


BigGame8130009/01/2016 05:06PM


Speed_Kills39009/01/2016 05:10PM

  3rd String QB

BigGame8134309/01/2016 05:16PM

  Unbelievable ... No let's be real here

Speed_Kills25009/01/2016 05:18PM

  Re: 3rd String QB... A sorry truth but an honest one at that

Florida_Ram25509/01/2016 05:18PM

  maybe we can get a no 1 back from the vikes for him

Hazlet Hacksaw23009/01/2016 05:20PM

  Re: 3rd String QB... A sorry truth but an honest one at that

Headslap7524809/01/2016 06:42PM

  Re: 3rd String QB... A sorry truth but an honest one at that

Headslap7535209/01/2016 06:44PM

  it's really amazing how bad he is playing

Hazlet Hacksaw28109/01/2016 05:02PM

  Re: I was watching Boras on HKs the other night

Speed_Kills31609/01/2016 05:05PM

  I did not like the body language

stlramz25609/01/2016 05:07PM

  not shown anything that a no 1 draft pick should show

Hazlet Hacksaw21709/01/2016 05:21PM

  Re: Has to be the worst PS performance by #1 pick QB in many years...

IowaRam31809/01/2016 05:10PM

  He needs a red shirt year, and then we have to pray...

max30609/01/2016 05:16PM

  Re: Fire Fisher

Speed_Kills31609/01/2016 05:20PM

  Maybe we can get Jim Harbaugh

BigGame8124009/01/2016 05:35PM

  Re: I don't want him....

laram20909/01/2016 05:38PM

  Re: I don't want him.... JH Not my cup of tea either

Florida_Ram30709/01/2016 05:58PM

  id take him. Will have a chip on his shoulder

Speed_Kills21909/01/2016 05:41PM

  Re: You can have him, I'm looking long term....NM

laram23009/01/2016 05:46PM

  Rams will go 7-9

IowaRam25609/01/2016 05:39PM

  Re: David Shaw would be on my short list

BigGame8121509/01/2016 06:01PM

  Maybe Fisher's crew are just that bad...

JamesJM21509/01/2016 05:21PM

  Re: He needs a red shirt year, and then we have to pray...

Florida_Ram25509/01/2016 05:29PM

  Re: Florida apology accepted....NM...

laram22409/01/2016 05:34PM

  Re: Florida apology accepted....Thanks laram... I don't deserve it

Florida_Ram27409/01/2016 05:41PM

  We should trade him for Sanchez if we can (NM)

tomatosan22709/01/2016 05:21PM

  Rams need a backup QB

Hazlet Hacksaw36609/01/2016 06:20PM

  Re: Rams still need a quality starting QB...

max22509/01/2016 06:26PM

  Cuts Just Got Easier

Ram Fan Teacher44309/01/2016 05:48PM

  Re: Except Hemingway

TonyHunter8723509/01/2016 05:49PM

  I Guess You MIssed Last Weeks Game

Ram Fan Teacher24309/01/2016 05:51PM

  Re: I Guess You MIssed Last Weeks Game

TonyHunter8722009/01/2016 05:54PM

  I'll Say Practice Squad

Ram Fan Teacher19709/01/2016 06:00PM

  Re: I'll Say Practice Squad

Ram Fan Teacher24809/01/2016 06:02PM

  Re: I'll Say Practice Squad

TonyHunter8720709/01/2016 06:23PM

  Well, it did get fun there for awhile

NewMexicoRam35609/01/2016 06:21PM


sean38409/01/2016 06:12PM

  Please just cut Thomas now

Speed_Kills48809/01/2016 04:26PM

  Re: Please just cut Thomas now

Rams4327209/01/2016 04:29PM

  Re: well I did warn u about those camp reports lol nm

Speed_Kills20609/01/2016 04:52PM

  Re: well I did warn u about those camp reports lol nm

Rams4321109/01/2016 04:59PM

  Re: I'm not blaming

Speed_Kills19809/01/2016 05:01PM

  Re: well I did warn u about those camp reports lol nm

dzrams20609/01/2016 05:03PM

  Re: Please just cut Thomas now LOL

Florida_Ram26709/01/2016 04:30PM

  Brian quick needs to go too

stlramz23509/01/2016 04:51PM

  Re: Brian quick needs to go too

Florida_Ram22009/01/2016 06:03PM

  I have always liked Reynolds but.....

Arkansas Ram33109/01/2016 06:03PM

  Every pass is 2 yds

Hazlet Hacksaw35809/01/2016 05:49PM

  Well, they're probably anticipating...

JamesJM17809/01/2016 05:51PM

  I've Never Seen A Team With WR's With Worse Hands!

Ram Fan Teacher34209/01/2016 05:40PM

  I have... here

Blue and Gold20809/01/2016 05:42PM

  Naw these guys are worse nm

Ram Fan Teacher22309/01/2016 05:43PM

  The Rookies

Ram Fan Teacher20109/01/2016 05:44PM

  okay, got ya

Blue and Gold19309/01/2016 05:48PM

  Yup. Gurley will see 11 in the box...

max20409/01/2016 05:42PM

  Re: this year?

Speed_Kills21909/01/2016 05:44PM

  Spruce and cooper should be only rookie receivers to make it

Hazlet Hacksaw32709/01/2016 05:45PM

  Cooper has made plays... nm

max16509/01/2016 05:46PM

  yeah edited it

Hazlet Hacksaw18109/01/2016 05:47PM

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