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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Man, big miss Attachments

Blue and Gold27809/01/2016 03:44PM

  bad route too

Hazlet Hacksaw12809/01/2016 03:49PM

  Man, I'm glad we're not playing...

Guard47009/01/2016 03:46PM

  HA HA Nice One nm

Ram Fan Teacher13809/01/2016 03:48PM

  we aren't?

ArizonaRamFan12509/01/2016 03:49PM

  Vikings Cheerleaders in all white, looks like underwear,

Blue and Gold23409/01/2016 03:48PM

  Davis always seems late getting over

Blue and Gold25909/01/2016 03:35PM

  And Joyners guy

Hazlet Hacksaw13609/01/2016 03:38PM

  Re: Sometimes the other team wins...

laram12709/01/2016 03:46PM

  Agree on that

Hazlet Hacksaw11809/01/2016 03:48PM

  vikes 41yds in the 1st half... not bad at all. (NM)

JamesJM18009/01/2016 03:48PM

  Ooops, 1st qtr I meant. (nm)

JamesJM9909/01/2016 03:48PM

  OK! the Vikings announcers on Gamepass.

Saguaro28209/01/2016 03:03PM

  Let's Go Rams!!!! nm

Ram Fan Teacher17609/01/2016 03:06PM

  Lets catch the football tonight

Florida_Ram12809/01/2016 03:07PM

  Game is live on feed2allnow.eu

NewMexicoRam18709/01/2016 03:13PM

  Thx, that's what I've gone to now. nm

Saguaro12109/01/2016 03:46PM

  I'm thinking it's an Arizona thing...

Guard11709/01/2016 03:25PM

  Well, complaining about it is, I guess. nm

Saguaro11909/01/2016 03:26PM

  I'm thinking it must be HFA thing

Guard13309/01/2016 03:30PM

  LOL nm

Ram Fan Teacher10709/01/2016 03:30PM

  NFL Channel Just Pointed Out Goff Over the Line nm

Ram Fan Teacher21509/01/2016 03:44PM

  Anyone else notice how much Goff is in shotgun these last 3 games?

NewMexicoRam22709/01/2016 03:43PM

  What offensive linemen are playing?

PeoriaRa27609/01/2016 03:12PM

  Re: What offensive linemen are playing?

Ram Fan Teacher21909/01/2016 03:13PM

  Re: What offensive linemen are playing?

Cornelius14709/01/2016 03:14PM

  Brown at the other guard nm

21Dog17009/01/2016 03:14PM


PeoriaRa20309/01/2016 03:26PM

  Because Williams can't be trusted at LOT. nm

Saguaro12709/01/2016 03:27PM

  Re: Interesting

Ram Fan Teacher17909/01/2016 03:29PM

  Re: Interesting

PeoriaRa14609/01/2016 03:39PM

  Re: Interesting

Ram Fan Teacher13709/01/2016 03:41PM

  Re: Interesting

RounderRick13309/01/2016 03:30PM

  Fox was in there quickly! nm

Saguaro21809/01/2016 03:37PM

  Looked like a hold on Easley, too

ArizonaRamFan14309/01/2016 03:38PM

  It was a Jailbreak! nm

Ram Fan Teacher14909/01/2016 03:39PM

  That's what ya might call...

Guard16209/01/2016 03:40PM

  Vikes double teaming Wesbrooks

Blue and Gold23809/01/2016 03:34PM

  That's the way to do it, Rams style!

Guard27909/01/2016 03:33PM

  Goff was a mile past the LOS on the pass to Marquez.....

RAMbler33109/01/2016 03:16PM

  Re: Goff was a mile past the LOS on the pass to Marquez.....

Cornelius19409/01/2016 03:17PM

  I expected a red flag

NewMexicoRam16409/01/2016 03:18PM

  Re: Goff was a mile past the LOS on the pass to Marquez.....

Ram Fan Teacher20309/01/2016 03:18PM

  Re: Goff was a mile past the LOS on the pass to Marquez.....

RAMbler12809/01/2016 03:22PM

  Thanks for checking! nm

Ram Fan Teacher14209/01/2016 03:23PM

  Gotta remember to take a look at that later.

Saguaro14109/01/2016 03:18PM

  Re: Looked like his back foot was on the line...NM.

laram13009/01/2016 03:27PM

  Re: Looked like his back foot was on the line...NM.

Ram Fan Teacher12209/01/2016 03:28PM

  Looked like his back foot was on the line.. laram quit rewinding

Florida_Ram14109/01/2016 03:30PM

  looked more than a yard past, here's vid:

ArizonaRamFan13909/01/2016 03:30PM

  Oh yeah! Not even close. nm

Saguaro15609/01/2016 03:33PM

  Re: Goff was a mile past the LOS on the pass to Marquez.....

Hacksaw_6415009/01/2016 03:32PM

  Roberson...UGH!!! Cut Him Please nm

Ram Fan Teacher21409/01/2016 03:33PM

  oline passblocking is god awful

Hazlet Hacksaw22309/01/2016 03:29PM

  Wichman is having a hard time so far

Ram Fan Teacher23109/01/2016 03:28PM

  Quick Already has 1 drop OMG nm

Ram Fan Teacher32609/01/2016 03:13PM

  yep he has to be toast

Hazlet Hacksaw17009/01/2016 03:13PM

  It's like the offense is purposely targeting Quick

IowaRam20409/01/2016 03:21PM

  Maybe he has catching anxiety?

Ram Fan Teacher16209/01/2016 03:23PM

  Re: It's like the offense is purposely targeting Quick

Florida_Ram17009/01/2016 03:23PM


Hacksaw_6417309/01/2016 03:23PM

  Nice One Hack! nm

Ram Fan Teacher17109/01/2016 03:24PM

  lol. nm

Saguaro14409/01/2016 03:24PM

  Cushion coverage special on 2nd and 1.

Saguaro24509/01/2016 03:20PM

  It's like they're just conceding the 1st down. nm

Saguaro10609/01/2016 03:21PM

  Re: Cushion coverage special on 2nd and 1.

Ram Fan Teacher11709/01/2016 03:22PM

  Alexander Playing NM

Ram Fan Teacher19809/01/2016 03:21PM

  LB Ayers got stuck inside on that long run. Bad Bad Bad

Ram Fan Teacher24909/01/2016 03:19PM


Florida_Ram27109/01/2016 03:12PM


Hacksaw_6413009/01/2016 03:13PM

  Goff to Britt!

Saguaro24609/01/2016 03:12PM

  TD pass to britt

Cornelius23809/01/2016 03:12PM

  Reynolds looked like a TE or FB on that play. nm

Saguaro23309/01/2016 03:10PM

  LOL, announcer tried to help make the tackle. nm

Saguaro25708/27/2016 06:49PM

  Only saw the Red Zone Drops.. none of the rest of the game...

JamesJM17208/27/2016 07:26PM

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