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Re: I think it's a.....

April 20, 2010 03:45AM
Yeah, RAMbeau posts like a crazy person. He couldn't stand having a "Rookie" status and now I think he's going for
Team Owner status. You do have a TO status, right? I mean.. not EVERYbody can be God-like.

The Draft has made folks too emotional and defensive. It's nuts. I just wear my "Suh me" t-shirt and leave the rest alone.
It doesn't matter what I think anyhow. My opinions and my feelings aren't going to affect the outcome one bit, so why have a cow?

This has been the longest off-season ever. I'm ready for football season!!

RAMbeau enjoys posting and participating in many issues on the boards and that's what the HERD is for, fun and participation, I always enjoy what he adds to the atmosphere.
No I don't have TO status, 3rd Stringer status for me because I don't post much anymore. Years ago when I was still an Admin I'd probably be doing what I did back then which was work the boards and at the same time have a good time with fans enjoying the RAMS, not debating and arguing, just having fun.
I read almost every message each day checking for content and quality of content, that's the Admin in me not being able to stop checking things (I have no interest in all the back and forth draft stuff though).

We all have our hopes for who will be drafted, me I'm hoping for Bradford because my biggest hope is to see a good QB develop for the RAMS once again, something I haven't seen for quite a few years now.
But it should always stay civil when giving opinions because that's all they are, to many fans take it personal and get personal, that's not showing a lot of class IMO, for sure it isn't adding to the quality and or respecting the integrity of the HERD boards.

I'm like you, I'm ready for some RAMS football and better times. thumbs up

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  Why do I have to log in all the time?

MamaRAMa2011April 18, 2010 04:31AM

  Same thing happens to me , from time to time

IowaRam1121April 18, 2010 04:45AM

  I think it's a.....

RAM231081April 18, 2010 05:29AM

  Re: I think it's a.....

MamaRAMa1095April 19, 2010 05:00PM

  Re: I think it's a.....

RAM23993April 20, 2010 03:45AM

  We're looking into it, Mama...

JamesJM1402April 18, 2010 06:04AM

  me, too

21Dog1070April 18, 2010 07:11AM

  just modified the setting

Ramsrule1102April 18, 2010 08:34AM

  I'm impressed...

JamesJM1120April 18, 2010 08:36AM

  Re: I'm impressed...

Ramsrule1057April 18, 2010 08:39AM

  I knew you had to have cheated...

JamesJM1122April 18, 2010 08:46AM

  Re: I knew you had to have cheated...

Ramsrule1051April 18, 2010 09:17AM

  Re: Why do I have to log in all the time?

MamaRAMa1267April 21, 2010 07:48AM

  Re: Why do I have to log in all the time?

Shaky1196April 21, 2010 09:27AM

  hopefully the removal of the reply forms from the read pages....

Ramsrule1067April 28, 2010 05:04PM

  Hmm, is it working?

JamesJM1030April 28, 2010 06:58PM

  Re: Hmm, is it working?

MamaRAMa1096May 02, 2010 05:47AM

  I have had the same issue Mama

ferragamo79997May 07, 2010 07:47PM