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All good choices in this thread...

March 24, 2020 08:19AM
I think Mama's list came closest to anything I could come up with.... but, and I think like the rest of you, asking about 'show', singular, is not possible. My favorite shows changed over the years and did so quite often.

My very first was "Cartoon Capers"... that may have been local, I'm not sure. It was those first animated cartoons, black and white. I used to get up so early, in anticipation, that I'd watch the test pattern for a half hour before Cartoon Capers came on.

I was big into the western's of the 50's and 60's... all of them, but yes some did stand out for me. Loved Maverick. Cheyenne. And those mentioned by others in this thread.

I remember being fascinated with Mission Impossible. I was not that into I Love Lucy when it first aired.... not sure why, but fell in love with it later. I WAS into "They Honeymooners". What was the one about the ghost, Mr. Topper? Loved that as well.

I pretty much took the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's off except for a handful of sitcoms. - JamesJM

  What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

SeattleRam147March 23, 2020 11:00PM

  Star Trek..

sstrams15March 24, 2020 02:23AM

  I loved Star Trek!

BlueRidgeHorns16March 24, 2020 02:43AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

MamaRAMa19March 24, 2020 03:10AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

roman1815March 24, 2020 03:59AM

  you guys have already mentioned a few of my favorites

21Dog17March 24, 2020 04:39AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

CeeZar17March 24, 2020 05:44AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

canadaram17March 24, 2020 06:20AM

  I forgot a bunch...

sstrams19March 24, 2020 07:34AM

  Saturday Morning Cartoons

MamaRAMa16March 24, 2020 07:44AM

  Yeah, Saturday morning fever ruled..

sstrams15March 24, 2020 07:47AM

  Life without a #$@%^&*phone.....

roman1811March 24, 2020 08:04AM

  Does anyone remember Highway Patrol and Cannonball?

BlueRidgeHorns11March 24, 2020 08:06AM

  Re: Does anyone remember Highway Patrol and Cannonball?

roman1811March 24, 2020 08:18AM

  Of course, and Dragnet...

JamesJM15March 24, 2020 08:21AM


waterfield11March 24, 2020 11:00AM

  Re: Dragnet

roman1810March 24, 2020 12:03PM

  Re: Dragnet

waterfield11March 24, 2020 01:24PM

  Highway Patrol

21Dog9March 24, 2020 08:19AM

  Wacky Racers..... nm

RAMbler6March 26, 2020 01:10PM

  All good choices in this thread...

JamesJM13March 24, 2020 08:19AM


waterfield13March 24, 2020 08:25AM

  Re: Hoppy

21Dog9March 24, 2020 08:27AM

  I met him in person... AND...

JamesJM12March 24, 2020 08:31AM

  Re: Hoppy in Fresno...

JamesJM9March 24, 2020 08:33AM

  as you remember.........

21Dog11March 24, 2020 10:17AM

  Yup.. Hoppy actually visited Producers often....

JamesJM9March 24, 2020 10:23AM

  Met his wife Grace Bradley

waterfield5March 24, 2020 10:52AM

  Re: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

Arkansas Ram14March 24, 2020 01:22PM

  always like the Rat Patrol opening

21Dog17March 24, 2020 01:51PM

  Re: always like the Rat Patrol opening

SeattleRam13March 24, 2020 02:44PM

  Bob Newhart , Mary Tyler Moore , Carol Burnett

IowaRam11March 24, 2020 04:26PM

  Captain Kangaroo

IowaRam9March 24, 2020 05:36PM

  Star Trek, Emergency and Baa Baa Black Sheep! WOW!!!!! How cool...

Ramgator7March 25, 2020 04:51PM

  Shows I took for granted in my youth but grew to LOVE with age....

Ramgator13March 25, 2020 04:53PM

  CHiPs -Gilligans Island(re-runs) - Speed Racer

Rampage2K-10March 25, 2020 06:26PM

  SNL, Star Trek, Gilligan's Isle, Sanford and Son! THEN

ferragamo799March 26, 2020 08:40AM

  1970's Disco Theme Music TV Show Openings

IowaRam13March 26, 2020 09:10AM

  As a kid I always took comfort in the fact

IowaRam9March 26, 2020 09:20AM

  Remember the opening to the NBC Sunday Night Mystery?

Ramgator8March 26, 2020 11:50AM

  The Fugitive, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley...

RAMbler6March 26, 2020 01:15PM

  This is how whacko I was back then...

JamesJM9March 26, 2020 01:36PM

  Bonanza was never on much when I was a kid

IowaRam7March 26, 2020 01:44PM

  A TV Western I'd never even heard of

IowaRam8March 26, 2020 02:16PM

  There are many I never saw....

JamesJM6March 26, 2020 04:02PM

  Forgot My Three Sons

IowaRam8March 26, 2020 04:57PM