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Greatest acting performance of all time?

March 22, 2020 07:43AM
Ok, I have to tip-toe here.... this post isn't about religion.... it's about acting, and only that.

A friend of mine, (one of my old thespian friends), sent me a movie suggestion to watch, actually a stage 'play' made into film. It is a monologue. The title is "The Story Of A Soul". It is available on Amazon Prime. It is about the life of Saint Therese de Lisieux. It is NOT for everyone, and quite likely none of you.

It stars an actress I have never heard of... her name is "Eva Hernandez". You will find very, VERY, little information about her, should you look.

In a few of my acting classes our 'final' was to perform a monologue. I can't say if a monologue is any easier to perform or not... I think they are, for some... and not for others.

I was a mere few minutes into this movie when I realized I was watching 'magic on the stage'. Eva never came out of character, obviously, but I did... pausing the movie several times to simply rejoice in having seen perhaps the best acting I had ever seen in my life. The filming was as magnificent, IMHO, as the acting.

Now don't get all excited... this is a monologue, one person, one stage set (actually not a stage set, it's filmed in the actual chapel St. Therese actually prayed in)... (((I should add, it's not 'prayers'))) NO CGI laughing smiley Also.. it's in "French"... with English subtitles. I think most of you will not like this movie much - appreciate Eva, yes, it's impossible not too.

A few times on this board I have mentioned that I have seen few performances in which said performance I felt excellent from start to finish... very few... as an example of the few where I DID think the performance excellent from start to finish I have brought up George C. Scott in Patton... and Gregory Peck in "To Kill A Mockingbird". This one tops either of those.

Again... this isn't a suggestion, I just had to say her name aloud, "Eva Hernandez".... IMHO there is a new Queen, greatest acting performance I have ever seen. - JamesJM

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  Greatest acting performance of all time?

JamesJM47March 22, 2020 07:43AM

  We watched The Joker last night..

sstrams15March 22, 2020 07:54AM

  So I hear....

JamesJM13March 22, 2020 07:57AM

  At times its kinda slow, imo

sstrams14March 22, 2020 07:58AM

  I figured he'd win best Actor at the Oscars

IowaRam14March 22, 2020 08:43AM

  hey sstrams ?

IowaRam14March 22, 2020 08:50AM

  We still have Benny..

sstrams8March 22, 2020 01:02PM

  Way, way, better than I expected

RamUK11March 22, 2020 11:16AM

  Yeah, he was really good...

sstrams7March 22, 2020 12:59PM

  Re: Greatest acting performance of all time?

SeattleRam16March 22, 2020 02:51PM

  I completely agree....

JamesJM8March 22, 2020 02:56PM

  Re: I completely agree....

BlueRidgeHorns10March 24, 2020 08:11AM

  Do you mean Eva Hernandez?

JamesJM6March 24, 2020 08:25AM

  In my mind

waterfield13March 25, 2020 12:22PM