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We've offered our masks

March 23, 2020 04:38AM
I bought a case of N95 masks about 15 years ago. IIRC it was 10 boxes of 10. We've used many of those over the years as dust masks but still had about 40 left a month ago. I dropped some off at my brother and nephew about 3 weeks ago and they thought I was crazy. Told then to stock up on food and TP too.

Anyway we have 33 now plus what we keep in our emergency kits in our cars. I've offered 20 of them to one of my nephews that works in an ER. I'm hoping that he won't need them as St. Louis still only has a handful of cases and is on lockdown.

There are ways to reuse these masks and folks are working on a way to scale the procedure. Many of these can't be washed or bleached as they are made of what is essentially paper. But UV light will kill viruses. It would seem to me that there are all sorts of manufacturing plants out there that could crank these out in one fashion or another. My guess is that they would all need to be certified by the FDA before distribution. That is probably the biggest hold up.

I understand why we might not have 10s of millions of these in warehouses, but its a bit maddening that we can be pumping these out by now.

  Simply.......How is everyone doing?

Ramgator71March 22, 2020 03:40AM

  Re: Simply.......How is everyone doing?

MamaRAMa25March 22, 2020 03:53AM

  It's hard not to but I have avoided the news as much as possible.

Ramgator20March 22, 2020 04:19AM

  Re: Simply.......How is everyone doing?

21Dog23March 22, 2020 05:45AM

  Re: Simply.......How is everyone doing?

waterfield28March 22, 2020 07:36AM

  No problems here, Gator..

sstrams17March 22, 2020 06:26AM

  Hasn't changed a whole lot

IowaRam27March 22, 2020 08:28AM

  Re: Simply.......How is everyone doing?

CeeZar21March 22, 2020 08:57AM

  Helen has 2 masks left

RamUK29March 22, 2020 11:19AM

  Re: Helen has 2 masks left

Rampage2K-14March 22, 2020 11:48AM

  Re: Helen has 2 masks left

waterfield13March 22, 2020 06:11PM

  We've offered our masks

CeeZar12March 23, 2020 04:38AM

  UV light

waterfield7March 23, 2020 09:04PM


waterfield19March 22, 2020 12:07PM

  Re: HOMESCHOOLING Attachments

IowaRam17March 22, 2020 12:09PM

  Both of these "Killer" funny......nm

Arkansas Ram8March 23, 2020 06:02AM

  social distancing

IowaRam23March 22, 2020 04:00PM

  That guy is HILARIOUS!!!!! Just last night at the station.....

Ramgator14March 22, 2020 05:31PM

  Re: Simply.......How is everyone doing?

canadaram21March 22, 2020 07:32PM

  Not too bad in SW VA

BlueRidgeHorns13March 23, 2020 02:49AM

  Good to see you, Canada...!

sstrams9March 23, 2020 05:07AM

  Same SST

canadaram10March 23, 2020 12:35PM

  You'll be ok, Canada...

sstrams13March 23, 2020 12:48PM

  Thanks! nm

canadaram6March 23, 2020 05:01PM

  All good at Dogpatch....so far....

Arkansas Ram11March 23, 2020 05:12AM

  We have 5 confirmed cases..

sstrams13March 23, 2020 05:52AM

  Everyone needs a banjo

IowaRam8March 24, 2020 06:45PM