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Kind of odd...

January 10, 2020 01:09PM
remembering him from Grease rather than "Cookie" on 77 Sunset Strip. but I'm old.

In a way he was the first "Fonzie".

  Edd Byrnes of "Grease" also passed away at 87

Ramgator72January 10, 2020 12:57PM

  He was 87 ?

IowaRam66January 10, 2020 01:04PM

  Kind of odd...

JamesJM55January 10, 2020 01:09PM

  I'd never seen 77 Sunset Strip

IowaRam47January 10, 2020 01:52PM

  this is the Cookie I remember

21Dog53January 10, 2020 02:52PM

  Odd for me that I have never seen "77 Sunset Strip"

Ramgator47January 11, 2020 05:00AM