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I wasn't born in the South....

November 08, 2019 02:46AM
but I got here as quick as I could. Actually that was on a bumper sticker I saw.
But it sums it up well for me.
I enjoy country music. I could listen to Patsy Cline any day.
But one that I really enjoy came out a number of years ago: "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney.
There's a lot of truth to that song.

  Greatest Western Song Ever?

JamesJM123November 07, 2019 04:48PM

  The beauty of country

waterfield77November 07, 2019 08:24PM

  I wasn't born in the South....

BlueRidgeHorns71November 08, 2019 02:46AM

  he's a great story teller

21Dog66November 08, 2019 04:17AM

  Whenever I hear 'story teller'...

JamesJM61November 08, 2019 06:54AM

  Re: he's a great story teller

waterfield58November 08, 2019 06:54AM

  far from a country fan, but......

21Dog65November 08, 2019 04:14AM

  A song, a story, you probably haven't heard before...

JamesJM64November 08, 2019 07:07AM

  Re: Greatest Western Song Ever?

IowaRam69November 08, 2019 05:01PM