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Re: I know two Herd Member's birthdays...

October 23, 2019 10:16AM
that is, I have them memorized. Aries and yours truly... it's the same day - Nov. 23rd. Since this board began we have acknowledged each other on this board... a nice tradition - that I hope continues for many years to come.

Nowadays in The Pub, yes... but there was a time that we used to do it on the big board, too.


  For sstrams

MamaRAMa165October 23, 2019 06:33AM


Arkansas Ram32October 23, 2019 07:08AM

  Thanks Arkansas.... appreciate it! nm

sstrams24October 23, 2019 07:34AM

  Thank you so much, Mama!

sstrams30October 23, 2019 07:33AM

  Mama knows all....

JamesJM28October 23, 2019 07:44AM

  She does..

sstrams26October 23, 2019 09:03AM

  Re: She does..

MamaRAMa25October 23, 2019 09:53AM

  Oh sweet!

sstrams27October 23, 2019 10:33AM

  I know two Herd Member's birthdays...

JamesJM29October 23, 2019 10:10AM

  Re: I know two Herd Member's birthdays...

MamaRAMa27October 23, 2019 10:16AM

  Re: For sstrams

RAMbler27October 23, 2019 10:21AM

  Thanks so much, RAMbler..

sstrams46October 23, 2019 10:34AM

  Re: For sstrams

IowaRam29October 23, 2019 01:24PM

  Thanks Iowa..

sstrams28October 23, 2019 02:21PM

  SST is SO old! HOW OLD IS HE?????

Ramgator27October 23, 2019 04:32PM

  Thank you Gator...! Old enough..

sstrams27October 23, 2019 05:03PM

  EXCLUSIVE!!!! Photo of SST's cake being lit! Attachments

Ramgator28October 23, 2019 04:33PM

  That would be awesome!

sstrams27October 23, 2019 05:04PM

  EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! Photo of SST's cake candles being blown out! Attachments

Ramgator28October 23, 2019 04:35PM

  Oh man.. I didn't even get a..

sstrams24October 23, 2019 05:04PM

  Happy Birthday to one of my

ferragamo7926October 23, 2019 04:41PM

  Thanks so much '79 and back atcha..

sstrams23October 23, 2019 05:05PM

  a little something for our friend Steve

21Dog26October 23, 2019 04:42PM

  Oh 21... you know how to treat a friend right...

sstrams24October 23, 2019 05:07PM

  you probably knew this.......

21Dog30October 23, 2019 06:09PM

  Really? I did not know that..

sstrams31October 24, 2019 02:35AM

  according to this.........

21Dog27October 24, 2019 03:44AM

  Happy Birthday!!!

Atlantic Ram26October 24, 2019 09:07AM

  Thank you Atlantic..

sstrams27October 24, 2019 12:39PM

  I stopped getting presents a few years ago.

Atlantic Ram27October 24, 2019 02:49PM


sstrams24October 24, 2019 05:52PM

  May your guitars never be far out of tune....

roman1827October 24, 2019 10:55AM

  Thank you, roman...

sstrams24October 24, 2019 12:39PM

  happy birthday

zn25October 24, 2019 05:13PM

  Thank you so much zn..

sstrams28October 24, 2019 05:52PM

  Enjoy today Steve

waterfield27October 24, 2019 07:00PM

  Thank you waterfield...

sstrams25October 25, 2019 07:01AM