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No, I actually need to add them..

September 15, 2019 05:17PM
They are the same shape as the side pieces and will just be mounted underneath and add support to the middle of the board.. Being plexiglass, I'm worried that if I REALLY stomp an effect, that the Plexi will give way in the middle since its flexible to a degree.. so, I gotta make it super strong.. I just ran out of screws to attach them..

I'm debating putting black metal corner trim on each corner (tops, fronts, sides etc) to hide the plexi seams.. its 1/2"x1/2" so not annoyingly big and would dress it up - especially with the black brackets.. it would also add a ton more support.. I have it ordered and will see what it looks like.. my original board has the corner trip.. it also would protect the plexi corners..

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  Why am I so weird, part 2..? Attachments

sstrams179September 14, 2019 09:13AM

  All my knowledge of pedal boards in one reply....

JamesJM38September 14, 2019 09:32AM

  Sounds about right...

sstrams28September 14, 2019 09:50AM

  Production update.. Attachments

sstrams42September 15, 2019 11:04AM

  Well, gotta give ya credit...

JamesJM25September 15, 2019 03:32PM

  Thanks man..

sstrams17September 15, 2019 03:47PM

  If I'm understanding correctly...

JamesJM19September 15, 2019 04:09PM

  No, I actually need to add them..

sstrams17September 15, 2019 05:17PM

  Yeah, think I lost ya...

JamesJM23September 15, 2019 05:39PM

  No, that's kinda what I want, as well..

sstrams22September 16, 2019 01:38AM

  Well, you could always..

sstrams20September 16, 2019 04:07AM

  Production Update #2 Attachments

sstrams30September 16, 2019 01:15PM

  I'm just gonna give you two thumbs right now

IowaRam17September 16, 2019 01:20PM

  Well, at least you're honest, Iowa..

sstrams19September 16, 2019 01:28PM

  Production Update #3.. Attachments

sstrams27September 17, 2019 01:12PM

  I might have missed it

IowaRam21September 17, 2019 01:22PM

  Here's a pic of my current board.. Attachments

sstrams21September 17, 2019 01:36PM

  Can't wait to see it complete, and fully loaded!

RAMbler21September 18, 2019 10:55AM

  Thanks RAMbler!

sstrams19September 18, 2019 11:30AM

  Things were going so well...

sstrams27September 19, 2019 02:00PM

  but where's the fun in that

IowaRam17September 19, 2019 02:23PM

  Its just frustrating..

sstrams22September 19, 2019 03:59PM

  So whats actually breaking the drill bits

IowaRam19September 19, 2019 04:08PM

  Its really thin metal..

sstrams20September 19, 2019 05:23PM

  Trudging on...

sstrams20September 20, 2019 11:22AM

  i am reminded of a favorite movie quote...

JamesJM22September 20, 2019 11:33AM

  No, that's my problem...

sstrams22September 20, 2019 01:52PM

  You sound like me....

JamesJM18September 20, 2019 09:50PM


sstrams15September 21, 2019 03:49AM

  Production Update #4.. Attachments

sstrams30September 21, 2019 09:54AM

  Looks to me like...

JamesJM20September 21, 2019 11:06AM

  If i tends up cratering..

sstrams16September 21, 2019 11:32AM

  I think you're ok...

JamesJM20September 21, 2019 11:57AM

  That's a good point..

sstrams18September 21, 2019 01:22PM

  Looks about right to me

IowaRam21September 21, 2019 01:55PM

  That's about what the calculations have felt like, Iowa..

sstrams19September 21, 2019 06:20PM

  Reminds me of those Erector Sets

IowaRam15September 23, 2019 06:05AM

  It COULD have rockets..

sstrams10September 23, 2019 06:38AM

  No pics but..

sstrams12September 28, 2019 12:44PM

  Re: No pics but.. Attachments

MamaRAMa19September 28, 2019 03:24PM

  Not for Halloween ?

IowaRam14September 28, 2019 03:56PM

  Re: Not for Halloween ?

MamaRAMa15September 28, 2019 04:03PM

  Oh I totally get that, Mama.. Attachments

sstrams13September 29, 2019 05:44AM


MamaRAMa13October 22, 2019 09:44PM

  Oh that is awesome, Mama..

sstrams8October 23, 2019 02:50AM

  looks like there's a new sheriff in town

21Dog13October 23, 2019 04:12AM

  Love it... and about costumes and pets...

JamesJM12October 23, 2019 04:57AM

  Re: Love it... and about costumes and pets...

MamaRAMa9October 23, 2019 05:59AM

  We do.. Attachments

sstrams10October 23, 2019 06:15AM

  Re: We do..

21Dog12October 24, 2019 03:49AM

  They were happier..

sstrams10October 24, 2019 08:06AM