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I'm all in with your regarding ambience...

August 16, 2019 07:23AM
Wrote this before.... Keiko Matsui at Coombs Ranch.... large grass area on the San Joaquin river with giant oak trees all around..... perfect temperature, perfect skies... plus the fact that Keiko is a phenomenal artist... made for perhaps my most pleasant concert experience of all time.

A Tangent... you East Coast people. laughing smiley Living out west I think the characteristic I found most odd about East Coasters was their sense of 'distance'. Not so much in NC, where you are... but certainly in the states north of you.

Distances that out here in the west we consider a mere Sunday afternoon drive east-coasters consider a major excursion requiring baggage, planning, telling the post office to hold your mail, etc.

I'm exaggerating a little. laughing smiley

But I can recall many times with friends, when I lived briefly on the east coast, who if presented with a 100 mile trip, 200 round trip, thought I had suggested a trek to the outback in Australia. 100 miles where I live is in the neighborhood. I remember once wanting to go to a concert in Philadelphia, I was in Belmar NJ, about a 75 mile trip. My friends were aghast... surely the artist would play at a closer venue. laughing smiley

Which brings up... farthest you've ever traveled to see a concert. Well, for me, been to Reno, Tahoe, Vegas, many MANY times.. just for a concert. Reno is 300 miles distant, Vegas about 420 or so. But my record, (I think), is Portland to see a jazz fest. Portland is 750 miles from my home.

Of course, if you live in a major city...like LA, or Portland, or Philly.. I can see perhaps not wanting to drive 100 miles because every artist known to man WILL be in your city, eventually. - JamesJM

  Your Favorite Music Concert?

JamesJM195August 15, 2019 12:25PM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

waterfield57August 15, 2019 12:42PM

  Feeling a big guilty..

JamesJM54August 15, 2019 04:30PM

  Re: Feeling a big guilty..

waterfield49August 15, 2019 07:10PM

  No, but I assumed...

JamesJM54August 15, 2019 07:36PM

  Mamas & The Papas

Ramgator59August 15, 2019 02:10PM

  I'm going to split hairs here

IowaRam76August 15, 2019 02:29PM

  I already broke that rule...

JamesJM59August 15, 2019 03:02PM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

ferragamo7956August 15, 2019 04:17PM

  Darn good list...

JamesJM52August 15, 2019 04:28PM

  Oh I forgot Bridge School Benefit

ferragamo7961August 15, 2019 05:23PM

  Question for everyone...

JamesJM59August 15, 2019 04:31PM

  Re: Question for everyone...

waterfield36August 15, 2019 07:14PM

  That's are real hard question.....

roman1840August 16, 2019 03:52AM

  You saw Dave Mason?

JamesJM37August 16, 2019 05:46AM

  Yes he was touring with Cropper last summer....

roman1840August 16, 2019 06:36AM

  I'm all in with your regarding ambience...

JamesJM35August 16, 2019 07:23AM

  Well I did most of my concert goings when young....

roman1833August 16, 2019 07:53AM


JamesJM36August 16, 2019 08:42AM

  Re: You saw Dave Mason?

21Dog55August 16, 2019 02:54PM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

21Dog56August 16, 2019 02:58PM

  Saw Young and Crazy Horse too....

roman1834August 17, 2019 08:32AM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

Crazylegs60August 17, 2019 09:44AM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

Crazylegs38August 17, 2019 06:38PM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

MamaRAMa38August 18, 2019 05:28AM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

Crazylegs56August 18, 2019 06:42AM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

MamaRAMa44August 18, 2019 09:04AM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

Crazylegs44August 18, 2019 09:43AM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

Crazylegs40August 18, 2019 06:38PM

  The one I most would have wanted to see

waterfield62August 17, 2019 10:39AM

  I did not include Jazz or Operas

ferragamo7962August 18, 2019 09:42AM

  Re: Your Favorite Music Concert?

Atlantic Ram44August 18, 2019 04:57PM