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Best football uniforms ...............ever !!!

July 14, 2019 02:32PM
I know many here will disagree with me , seeing how it only has two colors

black and white

it doesn't have 18 different colors , no stripes , no player name , no team name , no school name , no sprinkles and sparkles

the helmet was plain black , no team logo

I'm pretty sure there are at least a few members on the main forum who want the Rams new uniforms to have sprinkles and sparkles

this was 1978/1979 ish

I was still in Jr High , my senior team picture we were wearing the white pants and black jersey , which was awesome as well , but these pure white jersey , were just cool, especially playing on real grass in some not so favorable weather

back in those days , our school didn't have any laundry , so we got to bring them home for mom to wash , she just loved having to get the grass and mud stains out , not to mention the smell . Thank You Mom !!!................LOL


I also had two younger sister and a younger brother that played sports as well , so it was usually actually my sisters that got stuck with the laundry ,cool smiley


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JamesJM123July 13, 2019 03:34PM

  thank you, Red Grange

21Dog70July 14, 2019 04:06AM

  Best football uniforms ...............ever !!! Attachments

IowaRam66July 14, 2019 02:32PM


IowaRam66July 14, 2019 02:40PM

  @ Iowa

ferragamo7937July 18, 2019 01:34PM

  Re: Best football uniforms ...............ever !!!

waterfield41July 15, 2019 08:57AM

  Not sure when names were added...

JamesJM43July 15, 2019 09:39AM

  Re: Best football uniforms ...............ever !!!

waterfield40July 15, 2019 12:28PM

  Players today, High School Level...

JamesJM42July 15, 2019 12:59PM

  Johnny U

JoeMad74July 14, 2019 08:04PM

  I also wore a leather helmet...

JamesJM60July 15, 2019 06:07AM

  Re: I also wore a leather helmet...

IowaRam45July 15, 2019 07:11AM

  Haven't heard the term GRAMMAR SCHOOL in a long time

BlueRidgeHorns42July 19, 2019 02:48AM

  "Grammar School"

waterfield35July 19, 2019 08:15AM