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Re: an unrelated question. . .

July 01, 2019 04:24AM
Have you ever won a vote?

Good question.

When out voted, I often times exercise my veto power or in some situations execute a one man coup.

You have to remember, I grew with four sisters and a Mom. Later life it's a wife and two daughters. I'm used to being on the short end of votes.


  Sometimes internet searches pay off...

JamesJM117June 30, 2019 01:44PM

  Re: Sometimes internet searches pay off...

MamaRAMa59June 30, 2019 02:48PM

  I go to youtube a lot for instruction

Atlantic Ram23July 01, 2019 07:02PM

  Best part of Youtube instructionals is.....

Arkansas Ram25July 02, 2019 05:27AM

  Man did you ever get that right....

JamesJM18July 02, 2019 05:44AM

  an unrelated question. . .

RAMbeau43June 30, 2019 03:54PM

  Re: an unrelated question. . .

21Dog35July 01, 2019 04:24AM

  Best post I've read in awhile.........

Arkansas Ram35July 01, 2019 04:53AM


IowaRam40July 01, 2019 06:37AM