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Sometimes internet searches pay off...

June 30, 2019 01:44PM
And sometime my lifelong farmer skills are not the best approach.

Had a spill in our refrigerator that required the removal of a shelf in order to clean it. I went into 60 year's of farmer problem solving expertise and gathered the needed supplies - vice grips, flathead screwdriver, chisel, hammer, and just in case of a small nick or dent some duct tape.

My granddaughter, however, said 'nay nay'.... and promptly did an internet search and FOUND specific instructions to remove my specific shelf. She was proud of herself, and not above gloating.

The job, however, still required a 'little' of my farmer expertise as tabs were not easily found or depressed to release the shelf. Flathead to the rescue. So I took all the credit.... but my granddaughter claimed doing the internet search, locating the tabs, (a step I would have skipped with my vice grips), then contorting and "gently" bending so the shelf could be removed, (I would have used a chain and winch), earned HER the credit.

We put it to a vote...she won. I would appeal the decision but I have no one to appeal too... bad day for me. - JamesJM

  Sometimes internet searches pay off...

JamesJM117June 30, 2019 01:44PM

  Re: Sometimes internet searches pay off...

MamaRAMa59June 30, 2019 02:48PM

  I go to youtube a lot for instruction

Atlantic Ram23July 01, 2019 07:02PM

  Best part of Youtube instructionals is.....

Arkansas Ram26July 02, 2019 05:27AM

  Man did you ever get that right....

JamesJM18July 02, 2019 05:44AM

  an unrelated question. . .

RAMbeau43June 30, 2019 03:54PM

  Re: an unrelated question. . .

21Dog36July 01, 2019 04:24AM

  Best post I've read in awhile.........

Arkansas Ram35July 01, 2019 04:53AM


IowaRam41July 01, 2019 06:37AM