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Re: Hey waterfield!

December 22, 2018 07:36AM
Your right about being lucky I know any time your the subject of some form of cancer it is very worrisome. However, as likely explained to you basal cell carcinoma is really a mild form of skin cancer. They are always biopsied -as yours was-and roughly 95% of the time they are benign. My wife has had literally hundreds of basal cell cancers removed from her skin and none-so far-has been malignant. She has Irish skin which is very sensitive to the sun and taught swimming outdoors for several summer in high altitude. Additionally, she was part of the south bay surfing crowd in the late 50s.

So don't worry if you have repeated occurrences. Just make sure you have a good dermo guy.

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  Our friend sstrams, Steve... had a good week....

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IowaRam20December 22, 2018 07:28AM

  Early detection is key - wear sunscreen!

ferragamo7937December 22, 2018 08:14AM

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sstrams19December 22, 2018 08:19AM

  My wife loves going to the beach

Atlantic Ram19December 27, 2018 07:45AM

  they have new suscreens with zinc oxide

ferragamo7921December 28, 2018 08:26AM

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Atlantic Ram17December 28, 2018 10:16AM

  That can be a problem when diving, tho..

sstrams16December 28, 2018 10:42AM

  Re: That can be a problem when diving, tho..

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  Well, that's a thought..

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  Re: Well, that's a thought..

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Ramgator22December 22, 2018 08:25AM

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sstrams28December 22, 2018 08:45AM

  Just got my stitches out today...

sstrams35December 27, 2018 06:57AM

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Atlantic Ram15December 27, 2018 07:23AM

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sstrams17December 27, 2018 07:27AM

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Atlantic Ram17December 27, 2018 08:03AM

  OOOOHHH!!!! So the Dr you saw was a Comedian???

Ramgator16December 27, 2018 04:19PM

  Not exactly...

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