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Same here..

December 05, 2018 12:18PM
Surprised I remember the majority of what I did in the mid 70's to early 90's... We drove to Dallas/Ft Worth to see just about every band ever.. so much fun.. you brought up Thin Lizzy.. They were opening for Queen on the "Day at the Races" tour and we skipped school to go see them.. At Peaches Records in Dallas, we were told that Queen was going to make an in-store appearance, so I immediately bought a Queen "Night at the Opera" LP and tore the plastic off to get it autographed.. It was my favorite Queen LP and was white, so made for an easy autograph..

So, Thin Lizzy shows up, instead of Queen.. The won't let me return th eLP to get Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak, and back then I wasn't made of money like I am now, so I was stuck with the Queen LP.. I managed to talk Scott Gorham and Brian Downey into signing my Queen LP, but despite my pleading, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore (who was filling in on the tour for Brian Robertson, who was injured) would not sign the LP.. So, never cared for either of them after that..

I just figured out how to shoot photos with my computer, so here's a pic of the LP..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Gonna see Kiss in February

ferragamo7944December 04, 2018 04:13PM

  Curious to see how that goes

IowaRam26December 04, 2018 04:44PM

  good news - this is the start of the tour

ferragamo7921December 04, 2018 05:26PM

  Ace Frehley coming to the area too

ferragamo7923December 04, 2018 05:33PM

  is that something separate

IowaRam23December 04, 2018 05:57PM

  I'm totally impressed, '79...

sstrams22December 05, 2018 06:57AM

  Re: I'm totally impressed, '79...

ferragamo7920December 05, 2018 10:17AM

  They were my 1st concert.....

roman1821December 05, 2018 07:48AM

  roman, I saw that tour...

sstrams20December 05, 2018 09:24AM

  Re: roman, I saw that tour...

roman1818December 05, 2018 10:23AM

  Same here.. Attachments

sstrams23December 05, 2018 12:18PM

  sorry to hear Gary Moore was so difficult

21Dog19December 06, 2018 08:45AM

  I know, right, 21?

sstrams20December 06, 2018 08:47AM

  When my Brother passed away in May 2011....

Ramgator23December 06, 2018 06:48AM

  Ace Frehley and the 76 tour..

Ramgator18December 06, 2018 06:52AM

  Lakeland Florida

ferragamo7918December 06, 2018 08:04AM

  I gotta go with..

sstrams18December 06, 2018 08:09AM

  Easy access to close to stage seating. I recall my Brother saying..

Ramgator16December 06, 2018 06:54AM

  Festival seating.. ah yes..

sstrams19December 06, 2018 07:20AM

  They still have GA floor seating

ferragamo7918December 06, 2018 08:06AM

  They still do it here, as well..

sstrams18December 06, 2018 08:10AM

  Being pushed by mobs. My Brother said..

Ramgator20December 06, 2018 08:40AM

  One more reason I looked up to the guy.

Ramgator18December 06, 2018 08:45AM

  I got a TON of GI Joe and Major Matt Mason stuff.. Attachments

sstrams23December 06, 2018 08:55AM

  I forgot all about that toy

IowaRam23December 06, 2018 09:55AM

  I remember being about 4 and....

Ramgator20December 06, 2018 10:00AM

  He was my favorite..

sstrams17December 06, 2018 10:17AM

  Yeah, its not cool..

sstrams17December 06, 2018 08:46AM