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Working for the City Of Jacksonville Fire Dept.....

December 02, 2018 05:29PM
Over my 23 years, I have been able to chat with MANY MANY patients who were also Vets of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I have heard stories that left me speechless. One that sticks with me, 12 years later, was a 90 year old man who had a painting of a small WWII "Tin Can" Destroyer at his house. He was in VERY VERY poor health. I asked...."Was that your ship?" He stared at it as we sat him on the stretcher and as he slowly nodded "Yes",all he said......."A crew of 390............I was one of the lucky 70."

  RIP George HW Bush

Rampage2K-66December 01, 2018 12:42PM

  I have a 1/48 model of his TBF Avenger.

Ramgator27December 01, 2018 01:57PM

  my uncle served on the San Jacinto with him......

21Dog38December 01, 2018 07:44PM

  I find it rather frightening...

Ramgator25December 02, 2018 04:11PM

  I'm sure you have done this...

JamesJM25December 02, 2018 04:32PM

  About 8 years ago..

Ramgator23December 02, 2018 05:24PM

  Working for the City Of Jacksonville Fire Dept.....

Ramgator21December 02, 2018 05:29PM

  Over the years, I have been asked, "What do I like best about my job??"

Ramgator26December 02, 2018 05:32PM

  Photo of Babe Ruth and George Bush

ferragamo7929December 03, 2018 08:01AM