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November 27, 2018 07:34AM
I don't know what the actually statistic is , so I'm just going to make one up

99.9 percent of high school football players will never go on to play another down of football the rest of their lives


but what they learned playing high school football will go with them the rest of their lives

the team work and friendships will last a life time

I'm still good friends with all my old teammates and still in contact with most of them , many still live near by , and most I have on Facebook

I've always been a big supporter of youth organized sports and the importance of good coaching , and alot of what I mean for good coaches is on how you coach after a loss

winning is easy , how a coach handles a loss will go with those kids forever

speaking of friendships

my high school QB sent me a photo on Thanksgiving day , someone had posted it on his Facebook page and then he forwarded it to me , the picture is all about Kelly , I just happened to be in it , Kelly is the QB , I'm the other guy, I don't remember ever seeing that photo before ,

Kelly is now the Principle and also athletic director / coach for a school for kids with special needs down in southern Iowa , his sister is also in the photo of the girls basketball team , shes the one in the middle , #11

small town living , I would chance a thing


other then the weather maybe


  The team I last coached..... when they were Mighty Mites...

JamesJM135November 26, 2018 06:49PM

  Re: The team I last coached..... when they were Mighty Mites...

RamsFootballFans.com58November 27, 2018 02:39AM

  They call me Coach... Attachments

JamesJM58November 27, 2018 04:32AM

  really cool

21Dog52November 27, 2018 04:36AM

  Same here, Greg...

JamesJM53November 27, 2018 04:58AM

  Hey Coach !!!

IowaRam55November 27, 2018 06:53AM

  I just found out what award he won...

JamesJM53November 27, 2018 08:47AM

  must be very satisfying nm

21Dog50November 27, 2018 04:22AM


IowaRam57November 27, 2018 07:34AM

  I don't know the odds either....

JamesJM58November 28, 2018 04:08AM

  Just on a side note

IowaRam68November 28, 2018 06:23AM

  Be Cruel To You School

IowaRam51December 01, 2018 10:00AM

  What Is The Name Of This River !!!!

IowaRam52December 01, 2018 10:09AM

  Yep , another Blizzard in NW Iowa

IowaRam75December 01, 2018 10:19AM

  Swinging School

IowaRam49December 01, 2018 10:23AM