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Re: Roman18 brought this to mind...

November 25, 2018 04:52AM
I have always had a fondness for independent diners. There's 2 or 3 within driving distance of me. Homemade pie is indeed one of the reasons. Portland, Maine and its surrounding towns are together famous for their restaurant culture. This even shows up in Portland's wiki page:


Portland ranks among the top U.S. cities in restaurants and bars per capita. ...Portland has developed a national reputation for the quality of its restaurants, eateries, and food culture. In 2009, Portland was named the "Foodiest Small Town in America" by Bon App├ętit magazine and was featured as a food destination in the New York Times

That's all true. And that includes some of the finest restaurants I have ever been to. And believe me, given the chances to do so, I exploit that. When people visit we make sure they get to dive in and sample Portland food culture. And it;s affordable too, lots of mid-range places with deluxe creativity and inspired menus. In this respect Portland would remind you of SF

That's all here...but I still like the diners and lobster shacks.

I shouldn't eat pie but I do now and then. Apple, peach, chocolate cream.

(Lobster shack):


  Roman18 brought this to mind...

JamesJM75November 21, 2018 08:54AM

  You know you're gettin old when....

roman1839November 25, 2018 04:04AM

  Re: Roman18 brought this to mind...

zn49November 25, 2018 04:52AM

  Most of the Mom & Pop places where I live are gone now... Attachments

JamesJM38November 25, 2018 08:08AM

  Re: Most of the Mom & Pop places where I live are gone now...

zn33November 25, 2018 08:41AM

  We have several here in town..

sstrams30November 25, 2018 10:02AM

  Re: We have several here in town..

zn43November 26, 2018 11:51AM

  You kinda made me think of Flo..

sstrams33November 26, 2018 01:46PM

  German food is fantastic....

JamesJM32November 26, 2018 06:56PM

  Yeah, I agree..

sstrams31November 27, 2018 02:41AM

  Re: Yeah, I agree..

RamsFootballFans.com34November 27, 2018 02:43AM

  Re: Yeah, I agree..

sstrams30November 27, 2018 03:43AM

  slacker nm

21Dog29November 27, 2018 04:22AM

  Your tax dollars..

sstrams31November 27, 2018 04:28AM

  Re: Yeah, I agree..

RamsFootballFans.com33November 27, 2018 10:38AM