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November 09, 2018 05:53AM
whenever I watch movies like this , I always wonder if any of the writers have ever spent a day where the temperature actually dropped below 60 degrees.............lol

  Animals are the best...

JamesJM76November 08, 2018 11:47AM

  Wife and I watched it last night as well :)

IowaRam36November 08, 2018 01:37PM


IowaRam33November 09, 2018 05:53AM

  Having been raised here...

JamesJM31November 09, 2018 06:04AM

  that wet fog cold......

21Dog29November 09, 2018 06:41AM

  I was terrified to drive home at night down 99

ferragamo7935November 10, 2018 07:16AM

  99 and I-5

JamesJM36November 10, 2018 07:27AM

  I want to see that

ferragamo7933November 09, 2018 04:40PM