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LOL... well...

September 05, 2018 07:46PM
not sure that was actually stated correctly.... but I get what you mean, and that is most important.

One of the most mind blowing considerations of 'time' that I have came across, and this happened long ago.... was whether time moved sequentially, like film through a projector, one frame skipping to another.. with a 'gap'... or not. It warps my brain to ponder it.. not quite as bad as how my wife can intuit when I've been a bad boy... but pretty darned bad.

  Ever completely lose track of time? Freddie Mercury...

JamesJM67September 05, 2018 02:24PM

  Yeah, that happens to me, as well..

sstrams17September 05, 2018 03:04PM

  Unforgiven (Eastwood) came out in 1992

Atlantic Ram13September 05, 2018 04:43PM

  Re: Unforgiven (Eastwood) came out in 1992

RAMbler13September 07, 2018 01:48PM

  He died of AIDS

ferragamo7920September 05, 2018 05:37PM

  Tempus Fugit. . .

RAMbeau19September 05, 2018 05:44PM

  In Retrospect. . .

RAMbeau11September 06, 2018 02:29PM

  Re: Tempus Fugit. . . YES

Atlantic Ram20September 10, 2018 02:18PM

  From the "I could NOT care less" file

Atlantic Ram17September 11, 2018 07:11PM

  Re: Ever completely lose track of time? Freddie Mercury...

waterfield13September 05, 2018 07:35PM

  LOL... well...

JamesJM12September 05, 2018 07:46PM

  I've always been fascinated..

sstrams9September 06, 2018 02:59AM


waterfield14September 06, 2018 07:39AM

  You got it backwards..

sstrams10September 06, 2018 09:25AM

  I say it ALLLLLLLLL the time. Getting older does not bother me.

Ramgator15September 06, 2018 09:30AM

  50 years ago tonight !!!!!

IowaRam19September 08, 2018 09:57AM

  Re: 52 years ago tonight !!!!!

IowaRam14September 08, 2018 11:56AM

  TV shows do that to me all the time

IowaRam18September 06, 2018 03:01PM

  Oh Yeah. I remember ETSing out of the Army like it was yesterday.

RAMbler15September 07, 2018 01:58PM

  40 years ago tonight

IowaRam18September 14, 2018 05:26AM