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July 10, 2018 02:41PM
it was not that one. It was actually two episodes.... the 1st building up Slim Picken's character as a competent foe for Hoss... the 2nd the fight itself.

I truly liked Michael Landon... there is a 'need', a critical need IMHO, for 'feel good' entertainment... and Michael provided that.

  The TV Show Bonanza....

JamesJM77July 10, 2018 01:23PM

  Was the Hoss fight..

sstrams33July 10, 2018 02:34PM


JamesJM36July 10, 2018 02:41PM

  Just youtube'd the fight..

sstrams38July 11, 2018 06:09AM

  LOL The episode with Hoss and Slim Pickens........

Ramgator36July 11, 2018 04:21AM

  I have been on a Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Andy Griffith kick lately

Ramgator35July 11, 2018 04:24AM

  Cartwrights killed 166 men or thereabouts and 3 women.

IowaRam41July 11, 2018 05:47AM

  first episode I thought of was......

21Dog33July 11, 2018 08:38AM

  LOL Lorne Greene. Anyone recall the SNL skit MANY years ago

Ramgator30July 13, 2018 05:30AM