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I'm a cheap version of McGyver, myself..

July 11, 2018 06:20AM
My coup de grĂ¢ce was in the 80's with my first TR7.. Dead broke, as usual, and the muffler broke away from the tail pipe causing a myriad of problems.. So, I had some JB Weld in the garage and a hacksaw.. and we just made chili and had an 8oz tomato sauce can in the trash.. So, hacksaw the tomato sauce can in half, wrap around the busted area for the tail pipe to the muffler, and JD Weld that thing until the cows came home - which in Texas means serious business.. Worked like a charm..

Late 90's, I'm working a good job and have money and get the transmission of the TR7 fixed.. the mechanic, a good friend of mine, calls me up laughing hysterically and tells me about the tomato sauce can/JB Weld McGyver fix I had forgotten about.. Still holding! I almost didn't want him to fix that properly, but went ahead and told him to..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Anybody turning into Larry David

ferragamo7987July 07, 2018 03:34PM

  I'm more Clint Eastwood.......

21Dog45July 07, 2018 06:02PM

  LOL Me too!

Ramgator39July 08, 2018 06:18AM

  when I said Eastwood......

21Dog39July 08, 2018 06:23AM

  WD-40, Vise Grips, and Duct Tape.....

JoeMad38July 10, 2018 12:05PM

  As a Farmer...

JamesJM40July 10, 2018 01:03PM

  I'm a cheap version of McGyver, myself..

sstrams35July 11, 2018 06:20AM

  I would add zip ties to that list

21Dog35July 11, 2018 08:28AM

  I've been beaten.. Attachments

sstrams34July 11, 2018 09:24AM

  Re: Anybody turning into Larry David

IowaRam104July 11, 2018 06:36AM

  Who is the guy

Atlantic Ram38July 11, 2018 01:59PM