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June 07, 2018 05:14AM
THE best episode of Star Trek....and Balance Of Terror. My Brother and I always talked of a Star Trek movie (When the original people were still around) where the Enterprise comes across the dead Doomsday Machine floating in space and it somehow comes back.

  I wonder if Star Trek rehashed would fly? And I mean STAR TREK!

Ramgator111June 07, 2018 03:28AM

  I got it!

sstrams53June 07, 2018 03:53AM


Ramgator52June 07, 2018 05:14AM

  Maybe Spock..

sstrams58June 07, 2018 06:20AM

  Boy! That'd tick off McCoy!

Ramgator50June 07, 2018 08:35AM

  I think McCoy..

sstrams52June 07, 2018 09:04AM

  only if .........

IowaRam60June 07, 2018 02:04PM

  Shoot yeah, Iowa...

sstrams57June 07, 2018 04:27PM