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waterfield, I never let the board..

November 10, 2017 10:04AM
upset me, anymore.. and I never get in arguments anymore, either.. I think in all the years of chronic losing I just started not being as emotionally invested in the board, or the Rams.. Don't get me wrong - I'm on the board all day every day, but I just don't take anything seriously, or personally, anymore.. That's because we were losing.. Now that we're winning I might start getting fired up again lol

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Hey MamaRAMa ?

IowaRam222November 08, 2017 03:27PM

  Re: Hey MamaRAMa ?

MamaRAMa95November 08, 2017 03:36PM

  But Mama....

sstrams69November 10, 2017 04:19AM

  Re: But Mama....

21Dog84November 10, 2017 05:03AM

  Re: But Mama....

MamaRAMa75November 10, 2017 05:47AM


sstrams63November 10, 2017 07:51AM

  Re: Well..

MamaRAMa94November 10, 2017 08:26AM

  We have the opposite problem

waterfield79November 10, 2017 07:52AM

  waterfield, I never let the board..

sstrams65November 10, 2017 10:04AM

  Re: waterfield, I never let the board..

waterfield75November 10, 2017 12:03PM

  I also kind of looked at it like this..

sstrams72November 10, 2017 12:28PM

  What about you Mama?

waterfield71November 09, 2017 07:56PM

  Re: What about you Mama?

MamaRAMa83November 09, 2017 08:28PM

  I KNEW IT!!!!

Ramgator72November 10, 2017 02:26PM

  Well thats do bad

IowaRam79November 10, 2017 03:15PM