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That's a tough scenario..

April 26, 2017 04:44AM
As we know, Ticketmaster withholds the best seats and sells them to their own brokers who then scalp them to the customer.. Its their way of getting $200 for a seat with a face value of $70.. Should be illegal..

As far as getting those seats cheaper, yes, I do believe the prices go down significantly the day of the show, or an hour or tow before the show, and even during the show.. Its whether you want to take that risk of getting a decent seat cheaper.. and not having a snafu in the buying process.. Or finding a guy in the street with decent seats.. Its risky business - especially since you have a 2.5 hour drive to the venue..

I know I would buy tickets now and just pay the stupid price - because I need stability in my tickets if I'm driving to Dallas, which is also about a 2.5 hour drive for us.. I know I couldn't drive there and hope to score good seats.. I know I could get SOME seats - just not sure how good.. or how expensive..

Its definitely a rip-off and should be illegal.. Let us know what you decide...

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  Question about ticket prices

Atlantic Ram472April 25, 2017 04:42PM

  That's a tough scenario..

sstrams221April 26, 2017 04:44AM

  I'm with you, Steve

21Dog178April 26, 2017 05:27AM

  what band is it

ferragamo79152April 26, 2017 10:52AM

  Thanks for the advice.

Atlantic Ram154May 10, 2017 01:33PM

  yeah that has happened to me

ferragamo79172May 13, 2017 08:53AM

  That would be too cool

Atlantic Ram159May 14, 2017 03:54PM

  the consummate family man

ferragamo79190May 14, 2017 05:26PM

  I know absolutly nothing about Tool

IowaRam129May 16, 2017 03:59PM

  Their music is an acquired taste for sure

Atlantic Ram161May 16, 2017 06:42PM

  I'm in the buy now camp....

JamesJM181April 26, 2017 10:56AM

  Thanks to all.

Atlantic Ram156May 16, 2017 02:16PM

  It hurts now, Atlantic..

sstrams141May 16, 2017 02:27PM

  Yes... not a bucket list thing but kind of close

Atlantic Ram154May 16, 2017 03:48PM

  Back from the concert

Atlantic Ram119May 25, 2017 06:16PM

  good for you

21Dog119May 25, 2017 07:03PM