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Good catch, Iowa...

April 03, 2017 07:41PM
I can't say with certainty that this is the cause... but it explains some of the mystery if so.

Couple things: Troy is going to update our board software soon.. we have an update we can install that may address this problem. It's possible that most of us have more updated media players than sst or zn, (not picking on you two laughing smiley , or have tweaked our browsers to override some video's settings and play, instead, with our choice... for example... I override "FLASH" to force them to load with HTML5. There are other, many other, possibilities.

I could make a lot of guesses here but no need... I'm certain of nothing but I am "almost" certain this is 'user end'... which means an update to our software MAY fix the problem but the 'fix' would be addressing, overriding if you will, user end configuration.

somebody read that back to me, I confused myself. laughing smiley

  Video Problems...

JamesJM233April 03, 2017 07:27AM

  Another thing... board issues...

JamesJM153April 03, 2017 07:48AM

  Well, that blows...

sstrams111April 03, 2017 08:14AM

  No, I don't remember...

JamesJM113April 03, 2017 08:24AM

  Ok, I waited..

sstrams110April 03, 2017 12:31PM

  Even if I have to wait for the video to load

IowaRam114April 03, 2017 02:01PM

  Disk permissions..

sstrams121April 03, 2017 12:37PM

  Ok, downloaded Chrome..

sstrams145April 03, 2017 12:51PM

  Re: Ok, downloaded Chrome..

zn167April 03, 2017 01:56PM

  post a video

IowaRam154April 03, 2017 02:04PM

  Here ya go, Iowa..

sstrams144April 03, 2017 04:33PM

  and here's what I see with that (screen cap)

zn114April 03, 2017 06:40PM

  Same on my Safari/Firefox, zn..

sstrams144April 04, 2017 03:10AM

  Hey James

IowaRam123April 03, 2017 07:28PM

  Good catch, Iowa...

JamesJM150April 03, 2017 07:41PM

  Am wondering...

sstrams105April 04, 2017 03:09AM

  Iowa, one more test, please..

sstrams139April 04, 2017 05:58AM

  Yep ......

IowaRam119April 04, 2017 03:07PM


IowaRam140April 04, 2017 03:19PM

  I just uploaded this video from my phone

IowaRam134April 04, 2017 03:24PM

  Can't see it with Safari..

sstrams121April 04, 2017 04:09PM

  been running Chrome for several years......

21Dog108April 03, 2017 02:47PM

  Same here, zn..

sstrams137April 03, 2017 04:36PM

  Re: Video Problems...

zn129April 03, 2017 06:58PM