March 30, 2017 09:27PM
Small venue. Smooth Jazz. And it wasn't being blown away by her talent, which I was... it was the experience.

Took place on a summer's evening... outdoors venue, on the banks of the San Joaquin River, beneath towering oak trees... huge, you have to think "Mallorn" trees of Lothlorien in Lord of the Rings. Perfect temperature, perfect skies, perfect music.

Runner up, if not equal, Fats Domino at some casino in Reno. I wasn't expecting to be awed... to be entertained for sure because I loved the guy... but this was much more.

Lot of my all time favorites are concerts that caught me a bit by surprise.... another example: I liked the Mama's and the Papa's a lot... but a top favorite? No. Then I saw them at the Fillmore West in SF.... changed my life.

ZZ Top... saw them when they opened for WAR.... totally unknown at the time... and they were the 'intro' group... a much more known group was between them and WAR.

Most amazing musicians? Jeff Beck was so far over my head I had an 'out of body' experience.... and then there is:

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Then, and now, I truly believe the most 'combined' talent of any group that ever played music. - JamesJM

  Your favorite live concert?

sstrams411March 30, 2017 01:28PM

  I got a one

IowaRam178March 30, 2017 05:21PM

  tough one

ferragamo79135March 30, 2017 05:28PM

  I'd have to say Keiko Matsui.....

JamesJM175March 30, 2017 09:27PM


Ramgator141March 31, 2017 09:29AM

  My Wiggles Story....

JamesJM165March 31, 2017 10:08AM

  I think 3 of the 4...All but Jeff...

Ramgator118April 01, 2017 04:50AM

  U2 in Lakeland Fla in 1992 and JUST recently....

Ramgator127March 31, 2017 09:30AM

  Guns 'n Roses......

HighPlainsDrifter145March 31, 2017 12:56PM

  Zeppellin '73

21Dog195April 01, 2017 05:29AM

  The Clash ...

The_Bad_Guy234April 01, 2017 06:22AM

  Don't mention The Clash

RamUK177April 03, 2017 07:31AM


The_Bad_Guy119April 07, 2017 10:10AM

  WHAT??? Nobody said Tiffany at their local mall??

Ramgator127April 06, 2017 09:13AM

  Susanna Hoffs was a cutie..

sstrams171April 06, 2017 09:27AM

  The 80's was all about Belinda Carlisle

IowaRam149April 06, 2017 10:08AM

  Yeah when she went solo..

sstrams106April 06, 2017 11:14AM

  "Circle In The Sand" is a great song by her. My favorite.

Ramgator150April 06, 2017 02:48PM

  She was a doll baby.....

HighPlainsDrifter146April 06, 2017 01:21PM

  Re: WHAT??? Nobody said Tiffany at their local mall??

IowaRam142April 06, 2017 04:07PM

  Sheena Easton was another one

IowaRam138April 06, 2017 04:27PM


six2stack144April 07, 2017 04:19AM

  I had..

sstrams147April 07, 2017 05:03AM

  This would have been my favorite

Atlantic Ram151April 11, 2017 05:08PM