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Deadpool's 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

February 03, 2020 02:40PM
I decided 3 years ago I was going to change the way I operated as far as my half assed scouting. I would still do 3 mocks, but it would be post senior bowl, post combine, and pre-draft. Im not a website, so I don't need hits so I don't need to change my rankings or my mocks week to week for ad revenue. And to be honest, anyone that gets the draft process knows that players don't "rise" and "fall" week to week. Personal stuff might come up through team investigations of a player that make them slide or medical stuff. The senior bowl answers some questions, like can a D2 player compete with the big guys. How do they handle a pro style offense? How do they interview? The combine can confirm some stuff you think you see or don't see, but the combine is more for the interviews, drug tests and weigh ins.

As with any mock some assumptions have to be made. Here are mine:
1. Littleton does not resign. He qwill be just too expensive. He is the one guy I would resign. So I hope I'm wrong.
2. Brockers does not resign.
3. Whitworth resigns - I think its on a reasonable 1 year deal.
4. Blythe resigns - I am against this resigning, but I think they like him and he should be reasonable to sign...
5. Fowler does not resign - I said this last year too, this time I mean it.
6. Christian is resigned for S depth.
7. Greg Zuerlein resigns
8. Weddle's option will not be picked up.
9 .FA acquisitions - Last year I begged for Shaq Barrett, I'd like to thank Shaq for making me look really smart. lol. This year I would be all over Vic Beasley. He replaces Fowler. Another name I would love to see in horns would be 34 DE Derek Wolfe from Denver.

Just an FYI, 3 years ago Snead/McVay drafted 6 senior Bowl kids, 2 years ago they drafted 3 Senior Bowl kids (Noteboom, Obo and Demby) and 1 East West Shrine kid (Lawler), and last year they drafted Gaines from the Senior bowl. So again I would pay attn to those rosters.

With the Whit and Blythe resigned, the OL is mostly set, the Rams have enough pcs at edge with Beasley, Matthews, Obo, Ebukam, Polite and Holland. The Rams are good in the secondary with JJ, Rapp and Im assuming a returning Christian. Add in Scott and they should be OK.

Where they are thin is ILB, DL, some TE depth, always can use OL depth/help and this year I would absolutely take a WR somewhere because the talent pool is insane and you are doing your team a disservice if you don't grab one.

2. Leki Fotu - NT - Utah - 6'-5" 335 lbs. - He makes sense on a few different levels. 1. 52 overall is too high for him. So I would take him after a trade down in the 2nd to pick up more picks. 2. He is a penetrating NT that has the mass to demand double teams to free up AD and Matthews and others to make some plays.

Some other names I thought about: Any of the top 3 RBs: JK Dobbins, Jonathan Taylor and D'Andre Swift. I just don't think the Rams will. A name I absolutely love here is Jonathan Greenard. Edge from Florida that can play the run and get after the QB. He would be a nice fit. As would Curtis Weaver and Zack Baun. If the Rams don't resign Blythe then Cushenberry, Ruiz or Biadasz all make sense as the top 3 center prospects. Matt Peart as a OT prospect could be there, but I am afraid all the top OTs will be gone by 52

3. Ben Bartch - OT - St Johns (Minn. D3) - 6'-5 3/4" 308 lbs. - Only has 2 years at OT after a switch from TE (sound familiar Edwards fans?) so he is a bit raw, but St. Johns is a legendary d 3 program that just wins and wins and has excellent coaches. He needs at least a year in the gym and with Kromer, but his upside is worth the pick. I think pick 84 is probably his floor. With a 2nd round ceiling. He could also move inside to OG. And the Rams would love his flexibility.

A couple of other names to think about: Marlon Davidson Edge Auburn makes a ton of sense opposite AD on the DL with Fotu in the middle. Not sure he gets to pick 84 though. Its so early. Hard to get a feel right now. Denzel Mims is a nice fit here, but its just too early for WR depth. Esp. if the team runs more 2 TE 2 WR sets. he just gets buried on the depth chart. Trey Adams is an interesting idea here if he slides. 1st round talent that simply cannot stay healthy. But eventually he will, right? If he slides to the 3rd he might be too tempting to pass up.

4a. Ben Bredeson - OG - Michigan - 6'-5" 316 lbs. - My 2nd favorite true OG prospect behind Stenberg from Kentucky. Bredeson can and has played in every OL scheme from power man to zone blocking. So he is a fit that way. He is also a very physical and strong. Something the Rams need at LG.

Other 4th round prospects: DT Jordan Elliot from Mizzou, ILB Evan Weaver might be a fit, Jason Strowbridge DT could fit in Brockers spot.

4b. Lamical Perine - RB - Florida - 5'-11" 211 lbs. - I know what some of you are thinking, didn't the Rams draft Henderson just last year? What gives? I love Todd Gurley, but I have a feeling 2020 will be his final year in horns. So the Rams are going to need a back to pair with Henderson and Perine is the guy. He can catch, he can run over you and he has enough speed to do damage. under rated 3 down back.

Davon Hamilton a NT from Ohio State works really well here if you don't get Fotu earlier. Big and stout at the point of attack at 6'-4" 325. Shaq Quarterman ILB Miami has been a personal fav of mine for a few years. I just don't think he fits the new DCs version of what an ILBer should be. but Shaq is an enforcer between the tackles. Chase Claypool WR ND is a big big WR that could solve some serious redzone issues and even play do some TE type stuff.

6. Mykal Walker - ILB - Fresno St. - 6'-3" 231 lbs - according to 21Dog he has played DE, OLB and ILB. 21 likened him to Greenlaw. 3 things stick out to me when I watched him: quick with sideline to sideline ability. he's a quick processor, and he uses his hands to shed blocks really well. He can drop into coverage, he can rush the QB and brings some thump. Absolutely perfect ILBer for todays NFL defenses.

If you don't land Fotu, and Benito Jones is available in the 6th round. Run to the podium with that pick. I really like him, but have a hard time finding a spot for him right now. Maybe a TE like Colby Parkinson from Stanford or Jacob Breeland from Oregon would work as well.

7. Derrek Tuszka - Edge - NDSU - 6'-4 1/2" 247 lbs. - He is a high motor, run and pass defender that can stand up and rush or put his hand in the dirt. This year he had 15.5 TFL and 10.5 sacks for the undefeated National Champ Bison.

This pick could literally be anyone you want, as the 7th round is just about grabbing a guy you don't want to risk losing in UDFA. WR, TE, S, CB or RB could all be options.

So obviously I broke my own rule and didn't add a WR, so I did the Rams a disservice. Just horrible. But with so many holes and so few draft picks, decisions had to be made. This is why I think the Rams will move back early to gain more picks. I also think if any pick has no chance of happening, its the Perine pick. That could very easily be a WR or another DL or edge TBH. I also think you can get some TE depth and a WR after the draft with priority undrafted free agency.

UDFAs I would target in this scenario would be: Aaron Parker Rhode Island. So this is another FCS WR I really like. Not as much as I liked Kupp. But I like him. 6'-2" 204 lb smooth route runner with excellent hands. Fairly new to WR his arrow is pointing straight up. Another couple of names: Ben Ellefson is a nice blocking TE that can help in the redzone. 13 TDs on 29 catches over the last 2 seasons says it all. Sean McKeon TE Michigan is a combo TE that can block and catch and could be a nice 3rd or 4th TE on the roster.

As always, any thoughts, concerns or criticisms are welcome. As are any questions.

Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way. - Ragnar Lothbrok

  Deadpool's 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

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  You're a wonder, Deadpool...

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Deadpool192February 03, 2020 03:52PM

  Bartch won me over line like 5 reps.

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