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Re: I dunno about that....

August 13, 2019 11:01AM
Wade started using Peters less as a press corner right around the time Talib came back. Peters isn't really good as a press corner, but when he gives the receiver a cushion and is able to sit back and read the QB he's a stud. Wade prefers to press, but he figured out how to leverage Peters' skills within the overall D and Peters flourished from that point on.

My expectation: Wade not only continues to let Peters play off his man this season, he will introduce more refinements to this aspect of his D this season, enhancing Peters' performance that much more. (It won't hurt to have Weddle behind him instead of Joyner, either ...)

Yes my recollection of events aligns with your timeline here. Wade never said this but I believe it was exactly when Talib came back that Wade made the switch and that was not a coincidence.

IMO Wade always knew that Peters excelled in off coverage but when Talib got injured he needed someone to be his #1 press corner. What I think they were surprised by is that Peters was bad at that. Not average, actually bad at it.

When Talib came back they no longer needed Peters to play the press man role so they were able to put him back into a role that better aligned with his skills.

IOW, Peters would have been good the entire year if Talib had not gotten hurt.

I have the same expectation as you do that Peters will play off man coverage and excel this season.

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