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Gurley, Faulk or Dickerson?

December 05, 2018 05:23PM
If you were an owner or coach which running back -- T. Gurley, M. Faulk or E. Dickerson (when they were in their prime) would you want on your team?
I would take Gurley. He, like Faulk, can do everything but I think Gurley is a better runner.

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  Gurley, Faulk or Dickerson?

droopy389December 05, 2018 05:23PM

  ive thought about that a few times

stlramz139December 05, 2018 06:16PM

  Re: ive thought about that a few times

LMU9381December 06, 2018 03:10AM

  Re: ive thought about that a few times

k327December 06, 2018 09:08AM

  Re: Gurley, Faulk or Dickerson?

stlrams13110December 05, 2018 06:22PM

  We have been blessed as a franchise

RamsDynasty91December 05, 2018 06:27PM

  Re: Gurley, Faulk or Dickerson?

Classicalwit32December 06, 2018 04:52AM

  Re: Laurence McClutchen, Crazy legs Hersich or Wendell Tyler

hammer97December 05, 2018 06:51PM

  Tough call, but I'm going with..

sstrams54December 06, 2018 03:18AM

  A guy not as good as these but got little respect...

Ramgator63December 06, 2018 03:18AM

  Erick Dickerson always

mexram53December 06, 2018 03:41AM

  Gurley with Super Bowls

den-the-coach40December 06, 2018 03:47AM

  Dickerson did more with less

LMU9335December 06, 2018 04:58AM

  Re: Dickerson

Speed_Kills36December 06, 2018 04:56AM

  Re: the Rams have had some cool names at RB too

Speed_Kills51December 06, 2018 05:04AM

  Speaking of cool names

RAMSINCE ARNETT37December 06, 2018 06:57AM

  Don't forget about Verda "VITAMIN T" Smith

stlramz21December 06, 2018 09:55AM

  In today's game? In this Offense? FAULK!!

Saguaro63December 06, 2018 05:31AM


JamesJM44December 06, 2018 05:38AM

  Re: Scary...

21Dog37December 06, 2018 06:34AM

  Re: In today's game? In this Offense? FAULK!!

Rams4330December 06, 2018 07:04AM

  Re: impossible

leafnose22December 06, 2018 07:17AM

  Re: Gurley, Faulk or Dickerson?

badgerdms32December 06, 2018 06:36AM

  Re: Gurley, Faulk or Dickerson? Faulk the smartest

RAMSINCE ARNETT23December 06, 2018 07:03AM

  dickerson, because everyone knew he was the only option on offense

JoeMad26December 06, 2018 07:32AM


no name29December 06, 2018 07:44AM

  Someone said or wrote...

BlueRidgeHorns30December 06, 2018 07:57AM

  Dickerson, Gurley Faulk

David Deacon30December 06, 2018 09:02AM

  Re: Dickerson, Gurley Faulk

socalmab27December 06, 2018 09:22AM