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Re: Watkins getting open

February 15, 2018 10:30AM
No offense govane but I hope you're not going to do this for every game. You have made your point very clear in the other threads about this subject. We've seen these before...Sammy gets open...Goff doesn't throw the ball to him. We all get it. I don't need to see 800 game shots again to believe you. JMO.

I would much rather know WHY Goff isn't getting the ball to him but I doubt anyone here actually knows the REAL reason.

I agree.... besides, you could post these still photos from pretty much any game from Brady to Brees and get the same images.

Without knowing the context, looking at still photos of a game that is played at full speed is hard to judge.

We get it already, Sammy was open and was missed a few times.....sorry, I'm not gonna complain too much about a 23 year old QB in his first year in the offense who led his team to the NFCWest title, 11-4 record, highest scoring team in NFL and a Pro Bowl.

Can he get better? Of course ....Will he? You bet!!!


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