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Re: This is simple, you protect your major investment...

April 22, 2017 07:55AM
You must take every measure to protect your QB and put him in the best situation possible.

Haven't we seen enough of garbage play at QB and by extension on offense? But, hey, lets take more defensive players and keep watching those 3 and outs. Geesh.

You make it sound like we have nobody to play on our OL, max.

That is hardly the case.

Plus, as I've already said, a C is expected to be drafted next week.

We have some highly respected O coaches now, for a change. Give them credit for having the ability to properly assess their OL needs and make the necessary moves, accordingly.

I do give them credit, and I believe they will look at the OL and see the same thing I see. We need help in this draft on the OL.

You watched the OL last year; they were one of the healthiest OL's in the NFL and they stunk. Goff got destroyed. I hope you're not saying we have enough guys who can play on the OL. I don't see that at all. I think we are OK on the left side as long as father time doesn't immediately catch up with Whitworth, but the OC position and the right side are still a problem. Robinson is a huge liability and it's a major hope and prayer that he will turn it around at RT.

This is simple. The Rams have been the worst Offense in the NFL for years, and they got worse last year. Sure, much of that is bad coaching, but it take more than bad coaching to be as bad as the Rams offense.

~ max ~
“The consciousness of good intentions disdains ambiguity.” - Alexander Hamilton

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RamBill1042April 19, 2017 06:49AM

  These guys get it

RFIP411April 19, 2017 07:26AM

  Re: +1

TonyHunter87406April 19, 2017 08:28AM

  Re: These guys get it

Rams43247April 19, 2017 09:40AM

  Re: interesting they mention Ford there at 37

merlin236April 19, 2017 10:04AM

  Re: Ford at 37?

leafnose295April 20, 2017 04:15AM

  If Goff is what he's supposed to be

9er8er301April 20, 2017 04:13PM

  Biggest impact would be an OC

max269April 20, 2017 04:27PM

  I agree

9er8er278April 20, 2017 04:54PM

  Re: I agree

max268April 20, 2017 05:33PM

  Re: I agree

max226April 21, 2017 04:20AM

  Re: I agree

oldschoolramfan217April 21, 2017 06:23AM

  Re: I agree

Rams43217April 21, 2017 08:12AM

  Re: I agree

max162April 21, 2017 12:51PM

  Not to mention..

RFIP209April 22, 2017 03:40AM


max121April 22, 2017 04:24AM

  Re: I agree

9er8er121April 22, 2017 11:28AM

  Re: I agree

Rams43140April 22, 2017 11:49AM


9er8er129April 22, 2017 12:10PM

  Re: Whoa!

Rams43138April 22, 2017 12:14PM

  Nope, didn't miss it

9er8er194April 22, 2017 12:18PM

  Re: Nope, didn't miss it

Rams43104April 22, 2017 12:33PM

  No, I'm consistent

9er8er172April 22, 2017 01:29PM

  Re: No, I'm consistent

Rams43192April 22, 2017 06:01PM

  I'm saying what I said to start this thread

9er8er111April 23, 2017 08:28AM

  Re: I'm saying what I said to start this thread

Rams43109April 23, 2017 11:31AM


9er8er109April 23, 2017 02:56PM

  Re: No

Rams43136April 23, 2017 06:11PM

  I'll just quote what you said

9er8er188April 23, 2017 07:28PM

  Re: I'll just quote what you said

Rams43321April 23, 2017 07:36PM

  Re: 0 – 15%

dzrams191April 21, 2017 08:45AM

  I don't see LB as a need

RockRam349April 21, 2017 11:07AM

  I do, here's why

zn249April 21, 2017 03:04PM

  I think the difference has to do with priorities

RockRam219April 22, 2017 02:35AM

  Re: I think the difference has to do with priorities

zn163April 22, 2017 04:04AM

  Yes, but if you can't do both, which do you do?

RockRam146April 22, 2017 05:13AM

  This is simple, you protect your major investment...

max131April 22, 2017 05:37AM

  Re: This is simple, you protect your major investment...

PHDram120April 22, 2017 05:47AM

  Re: This is simple, you protect your major investment...

Rams43181April 22, 2017 05:51AM

  Re: This is simple, you protect your major investment...

max205April 22, 2017 07:55AM

  well I've already answered that

zn205April 22, 2017 07:04AM

  It's a huge need

9er8er173April 22, 2017 11:40AM

  Re: Ogletree?

dzrams146April 22, 2017 06:27PM

  Re: Ogletree?

9er8er126April 23, 2017 08:32AM

  Re: Ogletree?

TonyHunter87159April 23, 2017 03:44PM


9er8er144April 23, 2017 03:51PM

  Re: not bad

TonyHunter87142April 24, 2017 06:45AM

  I agree. Rams need a big WR, but.......

NewMexicoRam192April 23, 2017 01:23PM

  Re: I agree. Rams need a big WR, but.......

oldschoolramfan164April 23, 2017 04:34PM

  but were not trying to emulate NE

PHDram142April 24, 2017 06:59AM

  You convinced me...

JamesJM98April 24, 2017 08:29AM

  Re: You convinced me...

PHDram106April 24, 2017 09:13AM